The Hills Have Spies

(Family Spies #1)

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Publisher Description

In this new series, set in the bestselling world of Valdemar, Heralds Mags and Amily must continue to protect the realm of Valdemar while raising their children and preparing them to follow in their footsteps.
Mags, Herald Spy of Valdemar, and his wife Amily are happily married with three kids. The oldest, Justyn, has the Gift of animal Mindspeech--he can talk to animals and persuade them to act as he wishes. Justyn's dream is to follow in his father's footsteps as a Herald Spy, but has yet to be Chosen by his horse companion.
Mags is more than happy to teach Justyn all he knows. He regularly trains his children, including Justyn, with tests and exercises, preparing them for the complicated and dangerous lives they will likely lead. Justyn has already held positions in the Royal Palace as a runner and in the kitchen, useful places from which he can learn to listen. As the next stage of Justyn's training, Mags proposes that Justyn joins a group of traveling players and musicians, to get experience away from home and out in the world. Justyn joins the troupe, and he starts collecting information for his father. And the patterns he finds are unsettling....
During the troupe's travels, Justyn witnesses growing rural unrest about an indigenous community of Valdemar, known as Hawkbrothers. When the troupe settles for a season at a fortified manor of a local lord, Justyn watches the unrest grow increasingly hostile. The manor lord dismisses Hawkbrothers as inhuman--and has a local militia to back up his hatred. When a child goes missing, the locals immediately blame Hawkbrothers, and Justyn finds himself in a dangerous position.
He enlists the help of a local stray dog, who knows a lot about the town's goings-on, despite being a bit...odd. Justyn must find the missing child and warn the Hawkbrothers community of the trouble headed their way--before tensions turn deadly.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
5 June
Titan Books
Perseus Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

WildGryffyn ,

Where the heck is book 3

This is a good read which I would normally give five stars to, but I don’t recommend buying it until book 3 of the series comes out - which could be sometime never. I love Mercedes Lackey and really like this series but the publishers and Apple are really beginning to piss me off. Every time they put a date on the eBook release for Spy,Spy Again, it’s canceled/ignored and then pushed back by a week or two. So very freaking frustrating. Either publish the damn thing or pull it, but stop screwing around please. I’m in Australia too.

Sarah DeBellis ,

This is not the book you think it is but it is a good read anyway

The blurb is a very inaccurate description of the book right down to the character name. There is no troop, there are no hawk brothers (although they are mentioned but do not play a role) and there are other discrepancies. The thing is, this is a good read anyway. Perry, Mags’ son, is a great addition to the story and I loved how both he and Mags showed some small character flaws and were able to recognise this. I also loved the non-human species who reappeared in this story. If I hadn’t enjoyed the book I would ask for my money back as I pre-ordered it based on the blurb. As it turns out I have enjoyed it very much. Hopefully they will change the description to match the story in all their online stores (and even the dust jacket on the book!!!!) major overlook

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