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Someone is about to die… Someone is about to lie…

At the intimate house-warming party for her glorious ‘grand design’, Kathleen confides in her best friend Beth that she is terrified of one of their close friends, but daren’t reveal which one. The guests are a tight-knit group, but Kathleen is convinced one of them is dangerous.

The next day Kathleen’s body is found at the foot of a cliff and Beth must face the sickening truth that she may have been killed by one of their trusted friends. With little help from the police, Beth’s decides to seek answers.

All the friends have secrets they are desperate to hide, but only one of them is ready to kill to keep theirs safe…

The House Party is set on an island - insular,claustrophobic, and with nowhere to run. Mary Grand has written a heart-stopping novel of secrets, betrayal and desire, perfect for fans of Louise Candlish and Lucy Foley.

What readers are saying about The House Party:
'Truly a great puzzler with a superb ending! I HIGHLY Recommend!!!'

'Wow I'm so so impressed it had me gripped start to finish and I couldn't put it down. I completed within 1 night and such a page turner'

'All the suspense and twists and turns'

'This is a real page turner, that kept me guessing until the end!'

'A gripping read.'

'A brilliantly clever read and one to remember.'

'So many twists and turns to keep the reader guessing to the very end. An excellent read.'

'This is a book that will leave the reader guessing all the way.'

'With its ability to draw the reader in, this is great for a day when you don’t want to do anything but curl up with a good story and while away the day.'

'The House Party is a fantastic read for anyone who likes twisty, witty thriller reads.'

'I highly recommend this book - you won't want to put it down.'

'This is a great book that sucks you in right from the start. Plenty of twists and turns and suspense. Unexpected ending that I didn't see coming.'

'Brilliant if you love psychological thrillers like me.'

'This was an excellent novel, combining the elements of drama and thriller.'

'A sinister "whodunit" that is not your typical police procedural.'

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21 July
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Customer Reviews

Marns17 ,

A very enjoyable read

With its striking cover that lured me in with its eerie vibe and a plot that promised a thrilling read, I jumped at the chance to read The House Party when the offer was extended. These type of stories are right up my alley and The House Party is just another example of why I love the thriller genre so much!

What if there was someone from your tight-knit circle of friends that you thought was dangerous and you could not trust? This is the dilemma that Kathleen is faced with. With her friends all gathered for her house warming party, Kathleen confides in her best friend Beth her fears, but doesn’t reveal who it is and when they are interrupted, the conversation is left unfinished. The next day Kathleen is found dead and Beth comes to the realisation that Kathleen may have been right and that the killer could well be one of their trusted friends.

Mary has put together a cast of characters that all have something to hide and you are kept second guessing them all throughout. There are a lot of them in the story which always makes me nervous as I can find it overwhelming and quite distracting as it can take me away from the story, but Mary has done a great job in making everyone and their role in the story very clear.

As the blurb states “The House Party is set on the Isle of Wight - insular, claustrophobic and with no where to run” I have used these exact words as I couldn’t have put it any better. The feeling that this story generates in you is exactly claustrophobic and at times I had to put the kindle down, reset and then jump back into it. Not a feeling that anyone likes, but it works perfectly with this story.

This is my first book by Mary and is an author I will definitely read more books from. She has put together a very interesting story here, which has been executed very well. The tension and suspense that is built up along the way and the twists and turns throughout throwing you off track, makes for a very exciting read. Oh and with an ending that I did not see coming, rounds everything up perfectly. It was a pleasure to read and review The House Party which I happily recommend.

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