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Murder. Suspense. Sex. And some handy household tips.


In order to flush out an internationally renowned hacker who is wreaking havoc with top secret documents inside the United States’ Intelligence Community’s secured database, housewife assassin Donna Stone infiltrates three very successful high tech corporations:

—A company providing smart phones and other wireless devices with an operating system that contains artificial intelligence designed to meet your every need—even if it kills you;

—A tech conglomerate CEO who plans to broker the country’s intelligence secrets to the highest bidder, be it a terrorist or enemy state; 

—And an interactive game start-up with an avatar on the deadliest mission of all: kill Donna.

Can she save the world from terror—and at the same time protect her children from the painful knowledge of the father who deserted them?


"Secrets, sex, money and scandal...Josie Brown is a skilled observer whose clever dialogue makes for truly entertaining reading."  --Jackie Collins

"First and foremost, if I was a housewife, I would want to be Donna. I'm not kidding guys, the girl can shoot, seduce and kill, while balancing the demands of carpool and the suburban mean mommies. Enter Jack, who is a fantastic and well known agent, and sexy to boot. The chemistry between the two of them is enough to set water on fire. Add in a healthy dose of humor and ridiculousness, some mayhem, and some really cute kids, and you've got a book that won't be putdown - so go pick it up now!”  — Thinking Cat Blog

"This is a super sexy and fun read that you shouldn't miss! How do I love this book, let me count the ways:(1.) A kick ass woman that can literally kick ass as well as cook and clean. Donna gives a whole new meaning to "taking out the trash". (2.) The book is set around Los Angeles, full of housewives that could be 'real" and for the setting alone, a big giant WIN! (3.) Super sarcasm, snarky dialogue and making fun of all that is wrong in politics…” — Book Hounds Reviews

"The story is a non-stop adventure ride full of more twists and turns than a roller coaster. I didn’t put it down once as I was reading, much to my husband’s chagrin. There are lots of laugh out loud moments, as each of the characters gets into more than enough mischief. There’s also the perfect amount of spice and sizzle that keeps the story moving on a fast track. As a huge fan of the series, I would recommend reading the books in order, so you can get the full advantage of all of the Donna drama! — HitherandThee, Night Owl Reviews

This book reminded me of the movie, Mr & Mrs. Smith. It's a fast-paced read, the gadgets are awesome, and I could just picture Donna fighting off Russian gangsters and skinheads all the while having a pie at home cooling on the windowsill. As a housewife myself, this book was a fantastic escape that had me dreaming "if only" the whole way through. It doesn't take itself too seriously,which makes for the perfect combination of mystery and humour…” — Curled Up with a Good Book and a Cup of Tea

Crime & Thrillers
28 August
Signal Press
Josie Brown d b a Signal Press Books

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