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Why are you here? What is everybody's purpose in life? What is the human meaning? What exactly are meanings? Love and the Divine are indeed the best meanings there can be, just because love stands at the top of your hierarchy of feelings, it is what you treasure the most, while the Divine is indeed everything there is, everything that exists. You cannot find anything beyond love and beyond the Divine capable enough to set your meaning in life and in the world, simply because there is nothing else beyond them. However, there is significantly more to learn and understand about the human meaning, just because, as it is presented in the world today through Science, Literature, philosophy, and through the rest of ideologies, it is not enough. You fail to understand its meaning, and this causes you to fail your own meaning in life and in the world, at least your natural meaning, the way you receive it from Life and from the Divine. Because the concept of meaning is presented to you empirically today, you cannot understand it rigorously in this manner but only through doctrine and beliefs, you can never engage your reasoning in this manner in order to grasp and understand rigorously your own natural meaning, your natural meaning is easily hijacked in this manner, and it is all done on purpose to harm and exploit you. You end up fulfilling fictitiously implemented meanings throughout life on behalf of the rich and the powerful of the world, since they are the ones controlling all ideologies. Not much that you do now counts for Life and for the Divine despite of what ideologies tell and promise, and when you look back, now you may see the kind of world that you make. And do not blame the rich and the powerful of the world, since you are the one doing it all, for them.

While nothing that you find so far around and in the world about the true human meaning is capable to show and explain to you the multitude of your needs, tendencies, instincts, thinking, and behavior, all leading consistently to a meaning indeed, yet to a meaning that is not exactly love and the Divine. Unlimited wealth, social supremacy, and material pleasure are but simple examples here, with each one exceeding by far your two meanings that you have found so far: love and the Divine.

While Society with all its ideologies gives you a handful of rimes and beautiful slogans to use from now on as a meaning, and it is never enough to know and understand your true meaning in life and in the world. You cannot follow that handful of rimes, slogans, and beautiful words anyway, since they are empiric and ideal mostly. And this is how you end up living your life differently, while you are blamed for your entire behavior. Not much of what you do in life in this manner makes sense since it lacks meaning, and you wish indeed that you knew what is really going on.

Throughout this book, we follow, identify, define, understand, and model the human meaning, genuine and fictitious, from all perspectives and in all contexts. You learn about your meaning in life, in the world, in Society, within your family and genetic line, within your own cognitive system, within higher worlds, and within everything that exists.

Body, Mind & Spirit
8 April
Valentin Matcas
Draft2Digital, LLC

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