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This Omnibus includes all three books in the Into the Mists Trilogy:

Book One – Into the Mists

Book Two – Into the Dark

Book Three – Into the Light

In Into the Mists, a split-second tragedy shatters Carlie’s perfect life, and she’s sent across the world to live with a stranger. In a mist-drenched new land, she is faced with a mystery that will make her question everything she’s ever known about her parents, her life and her very self. A dark secret that made her mother run away from home as a teenager. An old family friend who is not what he seems. A woman in blue who she’s not convinced is real. A shadowy black cat that she’d swear is reading her mind. A deserted old cottage she can’t always find. And a circle of wild-haired witches who want her to join their ranks. Will she have the courage to journey into the mists, and into her own heart, to discover the shocking truth? And can she somehow weave together a life that she’ll want to live – or will she give up and allow despair to sweep her away from the world forever?

In Into the Dark, Carlie battled her way through the mists and emerged transformed. She was even starting to think she’d survive the death of her parents. But now an old diary, which promises to reveal the mystery of her mother, threatens to tear her world apart. How will the words she reads affect her? Will she wish the truth had died with her mum? And what is the connection to her own life hidden within the pages? In the gripping second book of the Into the Mists Trilogy, a new relationship with her grandmother is opening Carlie’s soul to the energy of the earth. A new friend is opening her mind to the magic within her. And a new love is opening her heart to the sweetest enchantment of all. Yet betrayal hovers around her, and she will face an ultimatum, a sacrifice and a cruel choice. Will she find the courage to go into the darkness of her own heart to seek the wisdom and strength she needs to survive, or will the tragedies and pain of her life break her into a million little pieces?

After a harrowing journey through the enchanted mists, Carlie finally found peace with her grandmother, magic with her new friend, and first love with her druidic soul mate. But then she was plunged back into the darkness. Now, haunted by loss and betrayal, she must decide whether she has it within her to find her way back into the light. In the final book of the gripping Into the Mists Trilogy, the wheel of the year turns from the bleakness of midwinter to the new hope of spring. Can Carlie break a decades-long curse and save the person she’s closest to? Which of the shadowy Otherworldly beings can she trust? Who is the man with the raven tattoo? And how far is she willing to go to forgive and be forgiven? For a chance at happiness, she must challenge the wise priestess and embrace her darkest fears. But is she already fated to echo the lonely life of her grandmother, or can she find the courage to open her heart again?

Fiction & Literature
20 May
Serene Conneeley/Blessed Bee
Ingram DV LLC

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