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The Jet-setting Copywriter: How to Fund All Your Overseas Adventures through Freelance Writing

Love to travel? Love to write? You can do both as a Jet-setting Copywriter!

Want to run a successful business as a freelance writer - and use the profits to explore the planet?

Imagine working 7-8 months a year and spending the other months gallivanting around the globe. That's exactly what I do, month after month, year after year - and I wrote The Jet-setting Copywriter to show you how you can create the same incredible lifestyle.

Copywriting (writing copy for businesses) is in huge demand worldwide, but many writers still struggle to find high-paying clients, market themselves properly and make decent money (we're talking $4000-$10,000 a month for work you can do at home in your jammies).

It's easy to make mistakes when you're first starting out - and many writers do. This comprehensive guide will show you how to start and run your freelance writing business the right way, so you can fund your own adventures as soon as possible. 

Because freelance writing is a portable profession that allows you to work from almost anywhere on earth, it's an ideal 'means to an end' business. You can be your own boss, create your own hours and have the freedom to pursue a more fulfilling lifestyle. Whether you want to buckle down and earn a six-figure income, write part-time as a stay-at-home parent or do what I do (explore the world's remotest rivers and enjoy several vacations a year), copywriting can help you get there - if you know where to start.

The Jet-setting Copywriter eBook is packed with real-world tips based on my own experiences as a successful freelancer. There is no theory here. You'll learn exactly what works and what doesn't in creating a freelance writing business from scratch. If you're still searching for that ever-elusive work/life balance, this book could change your life.

What others are saying about The Jet-setting Copywriter -

"Probably one of the best books on freelance writing I’ve ever read - and I’ve read a few... extremely useful. This copywriting book is the best value you can get for your time and money. Attracting high-paying clients and identifying lucrative markets is key and Kevin explains exactly how to do this.”

Jason Swain, basedbachelor.com

“As a blogger and self-published author, I was keen to break into the world of freelance writing, mainly so I could have more choice and freedom around work, with a view to being location independent. I found The Jet-setting Copywriter immensely readable and chock full of real, actionable strategies and tactics for breaking into the freelance market. I can highly recommend this book to other freelancers who are looking for a useful and practical ‘how to’ guide. Kevin knows his stuff - and it shows!” 

Diane Lee, The Diane Lee Project, dianelee.com

“Cuts to the chase... tightly focused. Get it and get started.”

Chris Backe, oneweirdglobe.com

The Jet-setting Copywriter is just the book I have been looking for. It simplified the whole process for me, especially about how to get clients. This is a great resource for any copywriter (especially a newbie) as you also learn which lucrative markets to target. Highly recommended.”

Juliet Emem, julietemem.com

23 May
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