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Publisher Description

The Justified Tight B****rd's Guide to Life is a book of down-to-earth, no-nonsense, everyday financial advice written and presented with curmudgeonly black humour in the style of Victor Meldrew from One Foot in the Grave. Taking a lateral and critically reflective look at some of our modern consumer and lifestyle choices, it aims to provide all readers, regardless of income, with the key to modest financial wellbeing.

The book challenges the arguments of those who claim that we are on the brink of a financial abyss akin to the great 1930s depression. P. J. suggests that, for all our difficulties, we all have enough money – either from employment or social welfare – to live at the very least in modest comfort. P. J. examines some of our perceived financial woes from an holistic rather than a purely economic viewpoint and demonstrates how these problems may be dealt with by a simple shift in perspective. The book also suggests that many purchases we make every day are not only unnecessary, but actually counterproductive or damaging in some way, therefore offering the reader a justified reason for not purchasing many of the items we often consider to be essential.

The Justified Tight B****rd's Guide to Life is presented in four separate sections, containing over 300 points. Each point is a self-contained money saving tip linked to the others in the section. Dispensing with political correctness and urging a return to independent thinking, the book challenges the population to take an honest, rounded, responsible and wholesome approach to the problems they encounter and how they resolve them.

The book will be of help to anyone who would like to cut their expenses or household outgoings. It is also a self-help book that challenges the reader to ask themselves what they really want from life, and what their priorities are. It should spark critical reflection of our spending habits in all.

Business & Personal Finance
3 April
Troubador Publishing Ltd