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A famous family...divided by a sensational crime. Will new evidence solve the riddle of...The Kingsley Baby

The Hero's Son

Valerie Snow was just a child when her father was convicted of the Kingsley kidnapping. All this time, she's believed him guilty...and been wrong. Now, out for justice, she is surrounded by danger. Only one man will listen: Brant Colter, the policeman assigned to protect her...and the son of her father's worst enemy.

When Valerie looks into Brant's eyes, feels the shelter of his arms around her, she knows she could love this man...He has sworn to watch over her and to help her find the truth. But can he keep his promise when the truth comes close to home?

The Brother's Wife

Jake McClain had always loved Hope...even after she married Andrew Kingsley. And he knew she loved him –– but after her policeman father had been killed, she couldn't bear to love a man in danger. So Hope became a Kingsley, entering a world of wealth and privilege far removed from Jake's honest eyes.

Now Andrew is dead...and an identical stranger has arrived at the Kingsley mansion. He says he's Adam Kingsley, home after thirty years. But his eyes follow Hope, and he knows secrets only Andrew would know. Has the husband Hope never loved returned to claim her? And how can Jake, the man she never stopped loving, save her?

The Long–Lost Heir

Bradlee Fitzgerald was a little girl with a big crush, sworn to protect the little boy she adored, when Adam Kingsley disappeared. All these years later, she hasn't forgotten him, the feeling that the key to his disappearance lies locked somewhere in her own memory.

The gentle playmate of Bradlee's childhood has become a serious and sensuous stranger. When she looks into his piercing blue eyes, Bradlee feel their old bond stronger than ever. But the forces which threatened Adam so long ago still exist, and what was dangerous to the child is deadly to the man.

1 April
Mills & Boon Special Release
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

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