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Published in France in 1980, The Kites is a beautifully written novel about the triumph of joy over darkness. 

Set in Normandy before and during WW II, The Kites is narrated by a young orphan Ludo Fleury, who is madly in love with Lila de Bronicki, a charming and self-absorbed Polish aristocrat. Despite the looming war, Ludo remains obstinately in love with Lila, and becomes involved in the Resistance. Ludo’s uncle and guardian, the colourful Ambroise Fleury, a passionate amateur kite-maker, is deported to Auschwitz, while Ambroise’s best friend, Marcellin Duprat, one of France’s greatest chefs, battles the Occupation with an unrelenting love of haute cuisine, and Julie Espinoza, a Parisian madame refashions herself as a collaborationist countess, running a Resistance network under the noses of the Nazis.

Written by one of the greatest and best-loved French authors, The Kites is both a ripping good story and a sobering reflection on the tragic human tendency to search for an enemy. It's funny and heartbreaking, dark and optimistic, tender and unsparing.

Born in 1914 in what is now Lithuania, Romain Gary wrote nearly thirty novels and numerous short stories and screenplays. He was twice awarded France’s most prestigious literary award, the Prix Goncourt, once under his own name, and once under the pseudonym Emile Ajar.

Miranda Richmond Mouillot was born in the USA but now lives in France. Her first book, A Fifty-Year Silence: Love, War and Ruined House in France, is also published by Text.

‘[Gary] recalls France in this moving and intermittently charming novel about idealism, creativity and love under the crushing pressure of war.’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘Gary is a good model for our own century of transnational lives.’ David Bellos, author of Romain Gary: A Tall Story

‘A rich and layered love story that begins in innocence and moves through hardship toward a broad humanity.’ Kirkus Reviews

The Kites is indeed a treasure, capable of accessing an enormous node of insight and almost-overwhelming beauty spliced with bittersweet candour.’ Bomb Magazine

‘A poignant story dotted with moments of hilarity and absurdity made even more interesting by Ludo’s unusual outlook on life.’ West Australian

‘It is a rash, playful book, yet dark too...in Gary’s hands, fiction itself is a form of resistance.’ Guardian

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30 October
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