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"So you couldn't even mind your own business long enough for us to tell you the good news?!"

Stan whipped around to see his beautiful wife Francine, wrapped in the arms of another man, and he couldn't believe who it was!

"Richard?" Stan exclaimed, his jaw dropping.

His best friend, the lead detective on all the high profile cases, including their latest case. Here he was standing with his wife, while Stan only thought they separated temporarily. He never in a million years thought his only male friend and confidant would swoop down and impregnate his wife! So many feelings raged through Stan right now.

"Stan let's go into the living room and talk."

He gave himself a pep talk, not to walk out there and kill the both of them. His mind flashed to the girl he killed for no reason a few months ago. She didn't deserve to die.

He splashed his face with water, as if to wash away the bad thoughts and walked into what used to be his living room. Immediately, he thought he was going to be sick. There were two couches and two love seats in the large living room. On one of the love seats, Richard was sitting, and Francine was on his lap. One of his hands were on her thigh, getting a little too high, and the other was rubbing her back. He swore that if he stood there any longer, he would receive a crash course in how the baby got inside of her.

'When was the last time that we snuggled like that? Have we ever both sat on the loveseat together?' Stan thought. With their careers, they were lucky to meet for dinner once a week. As for their bedroom, it was used for sleeping and changing their clothes.

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24 September
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