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Guaranteed to be incredible, fantastical and the ultimate page-turner, this final title in The Last Dragon Chronicles brings together the amazing characters and wonderful worlds that Chris d'Lacey has drawn on throughout the series - in one stunning finale.

Young Adults
5 April
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Dragon lover 949 ,


This book makes you think about the whole universe differently. Very very action packed and complexed but easy to get your head around. This book is almost like lots of smaller books wrapped into one. Very great read.

By the way is it just me or does any one else think we are reading the book of Agawin?


The Fire Ascending

The Fire Ascending is a fantastic final book for the similarly fantastic 'last dragon chronicles'. I would warn those of you who don't like complex books for this series and particularly this last book, is about as complicated as it gets. with theories on the origin of the universe and the world, legends about dragons, Guinevere, David Rain and of course the pennykettle dragons, it's sure to make you stop, stare off into the stars and think. For the first half of the book it follows the story of Agawin, a young seers apprentice and his journey to find Guinevere and of course, our favourite bad as sybil, Gwilanna. Then the Author reveals the mystery behind Gwilanna's birth and most of her hatred towards humans. But Gwilanna has been meddling with time (again) and jumping between the present and past, attempting scribble David Rain out of existence and finally become illuminated to the last surviving dragon, Gawain. The book returns to the battle of Scuffenbury Hill and what became of the battle. Earth looses it's a, becoming Erth and it falls to David's daughter, Alexa to save the whole universe from the shadowy Ix. A few spectacular twists involving Gwilanna's choice, Lucy's, Zanna and Tam's change, the good old ice bears Avrel and Kailar and the mystery behind the unnamed listener atop the fridge. The mark of Oomara is finally explained it detail, illuminating the meaing of the continually recurring word, 'sometimes' The one thing that frustrated me was the lost case of Grockle at the end. What happened there Chris?
Bergstrom didn't have much mention, for those of you who, like me, place him atop of your favourite character's list, but does in the end make an excellent final appearance. As for great quotes, unfortunately the good old, 'i am fain... shall we commingle?' was lost but replaced by a few different but great ones. 'Time is like water, it finds it's own levels', Gwilanna, and of course, 'There was a time when the ice was ruled by nine bears'. I'll save the others for whoever will read both this review and the book.
The last thing i'll say is, thank you to all then pennykettle dragons for just being great, thank you Gwilanna, David, Zanna, and the others, Avrel, Kailar and Ingavar. And thank YOU Chris d'Lacy for this fantastic book series which has 'Ascended' to the top of my list FOREVER. Please keep writing and we'll all keep reading. Most of all, thanks for making us stop, stare off into the distance and think, 'yeah... DRAGONS'. ;)

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