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Secrets draw them together, will lies tear them apart? 

Seventeen-year-old amateur photographer, Blue-Wren, wants to belong, but no one wants to know you when your mum’s a compulsive hoarder. Her uncle, the town undertaker, is just another nail in the coffin of rejection. A chance encounter with popular Jacob, the boy who ignores her existence, could change all that… 

Jacob, Tatum’s rising athletic star, wants his little brother back. The empty wheelchair in the corner is a constant reminder he’s gone. Jacob isn’t interested in the small town’s smothering pity, or his controlling father’s overbearing expectations. He wants out. But first, he must save Pluto, his brother’s beloved rescue-dog; a symbol of the ‘ghost’ in their lives—a ghost his dad is determined to forget. 

If saving Pluto means friendship with the social-reject, so be it. Only no one can ever find out. What Jacob doesn’t know is that Blue-Wren has secrets too. Big secrets.

Secrets become lies, become more lies. As they discover more about each other their connection deepens. Both of them secretly long for what no one will ever accept. 

Suspicions are aroused. Bullies rise up. The town is against her. 

Then there’s that unforgivable thing she did. That thing she can’t undo. That thing Jacob will hate her for... 

The Law of Entanglement is a compelling, raw and surprising coming-of-age love story that will move you deeply and take you on a hopeful journey of discovery.

Purchase today and be swept away by this captivating love story.

Young Adults
17 September
Blue Velvet Press
Laurinda Lawrence

Customer Reviews

julie.deane1 ,

A beautiful read I will revisit.

What can I say? A few sentences here will not give this book the credit it deserves.
Multi-layered characters; beautiful, detailed descriptive writing; and relevant themes, makes it a very moving story.
Thought provoking, sad, quirky, hopeful, wise, intimate, joyful and sexy.
As a book-a-week reader this has been one of the hilites - it has a found a special place in my heart - I will be revisiting it in the future.

monsheree1983 ,

A truly wonderful read!!

This is such a beautiful coming-of-age story which weaves together multiple narrative voices to craft a highly engaging and thought-provoking storyline. Laurinda has a gift with language and echoes of Tim Winton in her descriptions which position us powerfully within her narrative world and alongside her authentic characters as they struggle through the tumultuous teen years. It is impossible not to be drawn in to the entangled story of Blue-Wren and Jacob as their lives entwine and love develops and it becomes impossible to stop reading as their journey unfolds. This is a poignant and delightful reminder of the challenges and struggles of young love, woven throughout with big life questions around truth, which powerfully position readers to reflect upon their own relationships and life journeys. I absolutely loved reading this book and will happily read it over and over again!! You will not be disappointed in reading this truly beautiful and inspiring story.

Mongoose79 ,

Captivating and Beautifully Written

An enthralling novel from the very first page, captivating characters who take you on a journey from their alternating perspectives trying to make sense of death, friendship, social injustice and the awkwardness of first love.

This book was hard to put down, as I became invested in the characters futures and genuinely anxious about the outcome. Unpredictable, it had me guessing till the very end.

Clear a space in your calendar, as once you start, it’s difficult to put down. An extremely enjoyable and thought provoking read.

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