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"...quite an inventive story."

"...before you know it, you can't put the book down."

"...one of those rare books, light enough on the surface to be a fun summer
read, but deep enough to keep you thinking about it long after you've
turned the last page."

"I can honestly say I didn't want it to end."

What if you could create a universe: a miniature self-enclosed universe? Imagine having probing cameras that could focus to any star or planet looking for life. And once you found life, what if you could accelerate time and watch it evolve? What might you find?

These are not the questions Jon Gruber ponders as he pedals to his next carpentry job. Over thirty and unmarried, he doesn't even own a car. But a new assignment challenges him to rethink his place in the world. Is he a loser? Or is he about to become a partner in an experiment of phenomenal discovery?

Webster Adams, astronomer, inventor, and Jon's latest client, performs such an experiment. To Webster's amazement, he finds planets and cultures beyond his wildest dreams. His little universe turns into a discovery machine--an overnight goldmine. He and his crew observe societies so far past them on levels of technology and spirituality, that the world will be forever changed.

Webster's lovely daughter, Whitney, also overwhelms Jon. She opens his eyes to the deeper meanings within the experiment by finding the most advanced beings within the project--the spirit guides from Theta 7.

The Little Universe is a mind expanding concept. For Webster Adams, one question immediately comes to light. "If I can create a universe," he wonders, "then who created ours?"

Can it be proven that some form of God exists? Or is life random and free-flowing without purpose? Along with Jon, you, the reader, will be presented a new perspective on life and your role in the great mystery of the universe.

Subjects: reincarnation, past lives, spirituality, spiritual journey, meditation, futuristic, Jason Matthews, akashic records, Edgar Cayce, evolution, creation, evolution vs creation, alien contact

Fiction & Literature
10 December
Jason Matthews
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