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The world is crumbling. Fissures crack the shaking ground, babes are born with twisted limbs and the taste of apples is just a memory.

Rostigan and the Priestess Yalenna must face those Wardens who remain bent on steeping the land in ruin and, somehow, close the growing Wound in the Great Spell. Standing in their way is a pitiless army commanded by a madman, a sky full of silkjaws and, worst of all, an old friend, once betrayed, whom they must now convince to join them again.

There is only one thing for it - Rostigan must break an ancient oath and use powers he has dared not touch, powers that could tip the balance in favour of the spreading corruption. Caught in a web of his own deceit, he struggles to live the lies he has spun, for if he cannot, Aorn itself may well be doomed.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
28 August
Hachette Australia
Hachette Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

thisnicknameistakenmatt ,


So I loved this. What a good read. great characters, really dark and kinda funny too.

missmetal86 ,

Thought-provoking conclusion to an amazing series

The Lord of Lies is the follow up to Sam Bowring’s The Legacy of Lord Regret, and is the second and final volume in the Strange Threads duology. The Lord of Lies pulls no punches. It’s a spectacular ride filled with everything fantasy fans love. Lore, minstrel song, political backstabbing, raging battles, hideous beasts and twists that make you want to turn back a chapter or two to see just how Bowring managed to pull it off. The one true skill Rostigan possesses – his ability to lie – is a mantel that he swore to leave behind forever when he fled his life as the Lord of Lies. But it’s the source of his self-imposed damnation that could prove to be the salvation of Aorn. The Lord of Lies is a satisfying conclusion to the Strange Threads duology, with just enough lingering questions to keep you thinking long after the book is finished. Not to mention laugh-out-loud worthy side trips into Warden Yalenna’s romantic life that will have readers cheering for her by the end. Highly recommended.

Pop My Lid ,

Give this man a movie deal

Sam has proven once again that he means business. Fantastic storytelling.

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