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Most parents think of music as a way to help their children sleep or soothe their nerves when upset, but the truth is that every time you sing to your child, something incredibly important is happening. Singing is one of the most natural experiences to share with your children and now we know even more through scientific research about the power of music to assist in your child’s cognitive and physical development. Written by Dr Anita Collins, The Lullaby Effect guides you through the research, challenges a few myths and provides you with some creative ideas that will help you use sound and song to help your little one thrive.

Dr Anita Collins is an award-winning educator, researcher and writer in the field of brain development and music learning. She is internationally recognized for her unique work in translating the scientific research of neuroscientists and psychologists in a way that makes it understandable to parents, teachers and students. The Lullaby Effect is a great gift for expectant and new parents, or for experienced parents who want to understand how singing affected their child’s development. It is also an excellent introduction to the field of neuroscience and psychology research for early childhood educators.

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20 June
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Megan765 ,

Excellent book for new parents or early childhood educators

Dr Anita Collins is a leading researcher in her field. As a Mum and an educator, I’ve really enjoyed reading this book. The book has a personal touch, is backed by research and uses language that is very accessible to the average reader. I would highly recommend this book to any new parents. Sing to your little ones!