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The Magic of Carrots To Cure and to Heal

Table of Contents
Introduction-Knowing More about Carrots
How to Grow Carrots
Traditional Compost Making
Carrot harvest
Carrots to Heal Digestive problems
Camphor Cure
Amoebic Dysentery/Diarrhea
Salty buttermilk
Digestive Cramps
Traditional Mung Dal Khichri
Increase of Spleen
Carrot Pickles
Gallbladder Problems
Sal Ammoniac Remedy
Sugarcane Juice Remedy
Watermelon remedy
Tomato Juice Remedy
Carrots in Traditional Cuisine
Carrots Sherbet
Traditional Carrot Halva
Carrots Chutney /Preserve
Fresh Carrots Chutney
Coconut Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Basil and Carrots Moroccan Carrot Salad
Refreshing Traditional Black Carrot Juice – Kanjee Carrot and Orange Marmalade
Traditional Carrot Cake
Traditional Carrot Soup
Creamed Carrots
Carrots Glazed in Butter
Rose Water
Desi Ghee-Traditional Clarified Butter
How to Make Coconut Cream And Coconut Milk
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Author Bio
Introduction – Knowing More about Carrots
If some wise man had not discovered carrots, more than 3000 BC, you would not see that wascally wabbit otherwise known as Bugs Bunny, chewing on a carrot today. The combination of rabbits and carrots is about as taken for granted as is ham and eggs, and salt and pepper.
Carrots were grown in China and in Afghanistan more than 1100 years ago. China is of course the largest grower and exporter of carrots in the world today. The different varieties are yellow, purple, white and red, even though we are so used to seeing orange carrots peeping out of the mouth of Bugs as Doc stalks him .
If the carrot was white or yellowish in color, we would think he was munching a horseradish…
Carrots belong to the same family, as other herbs like Parsley, cumin, dill and fennel. In fact, in most countries, the carrot greens are not discarded, but they are dried and used as herbs in cooking. So the next time you decide to harvest carrots, you do not throw away the tops. Instead, dry them, and try them out as dried herbs sprinkled on your soups.
77% of the carrot taproot is made up of Beta carotene. Apart from that, It Is Rich in Vitamin A.
Are carrots really good for eyesight? When I heard a friend talking to her child to eat more carrots, because that would improve his eyesight, I thought that was a really good psychological ploy to get him to eat vegetables. This has a basis on a historical fact, where the British use this psychological ploy as propaganda. Carrots were not rationed during the second world war. British technology had discovered nighttime radar, which allowed the RAF pilots to see enemy planes in the dark. So, they could attack the enemy planes.
The British propaganda machine made up a story, that it was the increased use of carrots in the pilots’ diet, which improved their vision, including night vision. This was accepted by the Germans, who already had some ancient traditional beliefs, saying that carrots improved eyesight. And so we children, including Dennis the Menace have to eat carrots whether we like them or not since that is what parents believe.

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26 February
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