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London 1817

Captain Lacey agrees to help a society matron discover what has become of her diamond necklace and to clear her maid, who has been arrested for its theft. Lacey soon realizes that the problem is not so simple—the question involves scandal and past secrets, going back to the French Revolution and its aftermath—plus he finds himself competing with the underworld criminal James Denis for the necklace's retrieval.

This is a 25,000-word (ten-chapter) novella. The events in it occur between end of The Sudbury School Murders and the beginning of A Body in Berkeley Square.

Crime & Thrillers
13 January
JA / AG Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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The Necklace Affair.

Y. The Necklace Affair. 7.5/10
iBook. Lady Clifford asks Captain Lacey to investigate a stolen necklace, because Pomeroy, the Bow Street Runner who gets paid for the finding a culprit (ANY culprit will do to get the reward money) has arrested her maid, who she is certain is innocent. Lord Clifford is obnoxious and aggressive and wants the investigation to stop. Again the writer shows her worth because while Clifford is a bully and a thief and a liar and is openly screwing his wife's companion, Mrs Dale, who is penniless and lives in the same house and has nowhere to go so she can't refuse his advances, (and she in fact is in a long-standing love affair with his wife and won't leave her to live alone with him even if she had the money to do so) on the other hand, he gives generously to charities that raise the living standards for the masses and in the House of Lords he supports legislation to bring about social change. When he physically attacks Grenville, and his misdeeds come to light, Grenville gives him the direct cut, which ruins all his connections in society. Denis gets the necklace and swaps it for being owed a big favour with the impoverished French count whose family had owned it for hundreds of years (even though they stole the stones originally as well - history and ownership is not black at white either).

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