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There is a large controversy surrounding the art of cleaning your hair naturally. While many claim that it can be done, stories abound about people who tried--and stank.
Let’s face it, the very thought of not using shampoo on your head is disgusting!

In my quest for a simpler life I stumbled upon a number of folks who claim that cleaning your hair without shampoo is not only possible, but that it is better for your hair than lathering it with all of those chemicals, but in my opinion many of those reports were biased. They saw what they wanted to see, and didn’t report any downsides to eliminating shampoo from their lives.

In search of the truth, I decided to perform my own experiment. I decided to see for myself whether one could successfully clean their hair without shampoo, so for six months I resolved to eliminate shampoo from my life.

The results were surprising.
In this book you will discover:
* Can hair cleaned without shampoo pass a cleanliness inspection?
* Does the texture of your hair change when you eliminate shampoo?
* Can you clean your hair with just water?
* Does baking soda actually clean your hair?
* Can you clean color-treated hair without shampoo (and not hurt your dye job)?
* How can you condition your hair naturally?
* Benefits to cleaning your hair without shampoo
* Challenges to cleaning your hair without shampoo
* Dry shampoo alternatives
* And more
This book contains the unbiased account of how I cleaned my hair without shampoo for six months, and reveals my personal conclusion about whether hair can be successfully cleaned without shampoo. As a bonus I have included the posts on my website that were written during this experiment.
If you have ever wondered about the possibility, this book is for you.

Body, Mind & Spirit
4 March
Annie Jean Brewer
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