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You can't help who you fall in love with.

Tempting Adam: Crystal has been head-over-heels for her best friend Keri's gorgeous dad Adam for years. When a surprise divorce leaves Adam devastated the girls do their best to cheer him up, spending their weekends at his house keeping him company - until a sudden kiss changes everything, and now Crystal is too afraid of her feelings to go back. But when Keri gets the flu and asks her to go by and check on Adam it's the golden opportunity to be alone with him that Crystal has been longing for and dreading at the same time. Will she take the chance to see if dreams come true?

Riley's Passion: When Riley agreed to spend the summer with Leah she didn't expect things to heat up so fast. From the moment she set eyes on Leah's dad she hasn't been able to get him out of her mind, and Justin knows exactly what effect he is having on her. Unfortunately between her boyfriend and the woman Justin is dating their sizzling chemistry seems doomed to fizzle. But when Riley's boyfriend dumps her she finds herself free to try for the man of her dreams. Will she risk her friendship with Leah to find out if she has a chance with Justin?

Lexie's Last Chance: The Arizona summer had nothing on the heat Lexie felt every time she looked at Steven. While the sexy ex-Marine might be her dad's best friend, she had a very different sort of relationship in mind. Getting Steven to see her as the woman she had become was a bit of a problem, but Lexie figured she had plenty of time to get him used to the idea of her being all grown up. But when Steven gets a promotion that means moving out of town the clock starts ticking. Can Lexie get through to him in the two weeks she has left, or will the man of her dreams disappear forever?

Resisting Molly: Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have? When Molly moves in with her best friend's dad it's only supposed to be temporary. Living with Jonathan is nothing like she expects, though, and as the months go by they find themselves edging closer and closer to a relationship that's bound to be a disaster - no matter how good it feels. They both know that no one will understand, least of all Molly's best friend, and they fight desperately against the attraction growing between them. But sometimes just a look can change everything, and when that look leads to a kiss it's almost impossible to put things back the way that they were. Will they do the smart thing and resist their passions, or will they risk everything for a chance at happiness?

Fiction & Literature
1 June
Pink Parts Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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