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In this award-winning book, internationally known intuitives uncover the mysteries of intuition to reveal answers to life’s questions. Receive higher perspectives. Move ahead on your spiritual path. These inspiring conversations with the universal wisdom of “All That Is” help make sense of your world. Foreword by Norman Shealy, MD, PhD.

About the Authors: Anne Salisbury, PhD, MBA is a clairvoyant seer who helps clients find answers to those important questions in life. She is the author of Eureka! Understanding and Using the Power of Your Intuition. Greg Meyerhoff is an energy worker and mental coach who breaks through roadblocks in his clients’ energy systems so they can experience success with ease. Anne is the founder of the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute, Inc, offering distance learning certification programs in hypnotherapy and intuition. Anne and Greg are co-founders of Go Intuition, Inc., offering intuitive consulting for relationships, health and work, as well as pet-psychic readings and communications with those on the other side. Visit and for free downloads.

Reviews from the Praise page in The Path of Intuition

“You will find rich questions and essential answers in The Path of Intuition.” —C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, author of Energy Medicine


“In this brilliant book of questions, you are propelled on your own quest for answers. Tackling these questions is brave and necessary for living a full life.” —James Wanless, PhD, author of Voyager Tarot

“These conversations with All That Is help us remember who we are. They show us how to use our intuition and create what we want in our world.” —Elmer Green, PhD, author of Beyond Biofeedback

“This book is life changing. It helps us love ourselves and create with joy.” —Stanley Krippner, PhD, author of Demystifying Shamans and their World

Body, Mind & Spirit
15 March
Lively Spirit, Inc.
The Salisbury Corporation

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