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A scorching hot romantic kinky comedy, with explosive chemistry, super charged love scenes, and laugh-out-loud moments. This novel is strictly for over 18s only.


My husband is a dirty cheating ass-wipe. I have given him years of my life, and for what? For him to whip his bits out online for other women. I mean, when he slept with me he kept his goddamn socks on. Yes we were having a few problems, me being barren for one of them. But he could have left at any time he wanted. Well now I'm over him, all thanks to my new hot neighbor across the hall.


I intended my new apartment to be an escape for weekend pleasure. I intended to use it with Violet, my ever so dominating mistress. But since I found my neighbour, Stacey, crawling on all fours around my apartment, after she broke the law to find out what I hide in the bedroom, my interest in Violet has dwindled. Now my pleasure is directly across the hall.


Dammit. She is really fascinated by the idea, and I'm now extremely intrigued how far she will actually go. So much so, I'm heating up at the thought of her running the tails of a flogger through her fingers. But she knows nothing about this side of me. Am I going to have to explain the ins and outs to a beautiful novice?

"You should leave Stacey," I say, my chest hollowing with disappointment. "If you really want to do this, which I don't think you do, you have one week to make the call." I fill my lungs, watching her. "You call me, and I'll explain the next step."

"I don't think I can wait a week," she utters. "Jesus, you sent me flowers." Now she's getting angry again. "Just show me now."

"These are the rules," I state, holding back a satisfied smile. "You need to be ready, and mentally prepared. I'd like you to do things to me, that only the darkest part of your imagination could think of."

"So you don't want me right now?"

"Oh no. This is a part of the game Stacey. The wait. The anticipation. The sexual thoughts you're going to have from now until we meet again. They are all necessary for you."

Holy hell. This is hot. I've never had to explain this before. It's a game, and it's turning me on. I love the angry but needy look in her eyes. I love the fact I'm in pain, and she's not even touching me. She's proving to be excellent at this before she's even begun.

I bend and lift my car keys up from the couch. I walk toward her and take her cheek against the palm of my hand. Her eyes shut as she sighs out, and she brushes her face against my touch.

"I'm going to give you everything you want, Stacey. And in return, you're going to change for me. This," I say, indicating she shouldn't be like putty in my hands. "Won't be happening. You're going to have to." I angle down to her ear, tempted to kiss her, but refrain. "Show me your dominant side."

5 July
Leeanna White
Draft2Digital, LLC

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