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'On the shield, one of seven forged in the timeless past to hold back the dark, fell a single drop of blood. So the shield weakened, and the dark, spider-patient, waited as the decades passed, and the wound spread under the grass and ground.'

The brilliant conclusion to the Chronicles of the One trilogy - an epic story of love, war, family and magic.

Fallon Swift has spent all her life preparing for this moment. No longer can she stand by whilst her fellow Magicks are hunted by the fanatical Purity Warriors or rounded up and experimented on by the government.

Fallon must follow her destiny to restore the magical shield that once protected them all. But she can't do it alone. It is time to build her army, to take on her nemesis and take down the enemy.

She has learned to fight, now she must restore the light and banish the dark forever. The final battle has begun...

Series praise:

'A match for end-of-the-world classics like Stephen King's The Stand' - New York Times Review of Books

'Breathtaking' - Heat

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
26 November
Little, Brown Book Group
Hachette Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

salaneta ,

Nora Roberts does it again

I love that Nora doesn’t drag the timeline out as a day by day thing, the character developments and detailed plots really reel you in. The magic and character back stories are amazing and a lot of them really tugged at the heart strings.
My cons were that Duncan and Fallon’s relationship was missing something but it went the way I liked, there wasn’t enough done with Petra and the ending was a bit rushed. Still a good read that I couldn’t put down although it wasn’t worth the price I paid for it

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