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'Scott Baker is a fantastic new talent!' - Matthew Reilly

Faith, history, science and love collide in this fast-paced action adventure.

High school teacher Shaun Strickland is shocked when he receives a last-minute invitation from Cambridge University to deliver a paper on the relationship between space and time, something he has been studying for years. This could be the break he's been longing for. But as he and his wife drive through the cold North Carolina night to catch their flight, their car slams hard into something exploding from the bushes. From that moment, a mind-bending mystery unravels.

A strange package seems to be the key. Breaking the seal, Shaun discovers a bundle of ancient documents written in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. But there is something else amongst the pages; a book, seemingly sealed airtight for millennia, written in perfect English, telling a story that will change history.

Soon Shaun discovers others are after the book . . . and they won't let anything stand in their way. A debut action thriller that will keep you turning the pages until you have all the answers.

Fiction & Literature
20 August
Hachette Australia
Hachette Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

maisyJane ,


This is an intelligent thriller written with pace and style. It sets up an intricate web that all comes together beautifully. This is a great new author - do yourself a favour and give this one a go. You won't regret it!

Asha688 ,


Great book from beginning to end. Fantastic story. Can't wait for what you do next. Good job Scott :)

Jeanellenbe ,

Rule of Knowledge

This book was ridiculous! To quote from the book " it did my mind in"!!!! I guess, to be fair it is not my favourite genre, but i am intrigued by the thought of time travel, and that inspired me to read it. Heavens though, it was hard going! Not the kind of book you could put aside for a few days without being lost when picking it up again. I think it have been an amazing challenge to write a book like this...but surely some editing and simplifying of the concept would have made it a more enjoyable read! I was compelled to finish it, thinking all would become clear but i am afraid it was stupid to the end!! Would never recommend this book to anyone!

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