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Read the complete four-book Russo Sisters series in one place, for one price.

Saving Sofia:

Sofia Russo thinks the cute guy in the life vest is just another tourist taking one of her Central Coast kayak outings. When an accident nearly turns him into shark bait, she learns that her client—an English professor from the local university—is an admirer who only signed up to get close to her.

Sofia has had a rough time since her parents’ deaths, and her budding relationship with Patrick Connelly comes as a welcome relief. As they grow closer, she begins to think he might not be the only one in need of rescue.

First Crush:

Bianca Russo is happy enough practicing pediatric medicine, sharing a house with her sisters, and dating a decent but dull gastroenterologist who’s her best bet to give her the marriage and children she craves.

When TJ Davenport reenters Bianca’s life after almost two decades, the passion she felt for him when she was sixteen is more than just a fond memory—it’s a fire that reignites, threatening to burn down her safe and sensible plans.


Martina Russo’s career has been coming along nicely, including a write-up in a regional design magazine. When tech mogul Christopher Mills asks her to freshen up his historic Victorian mansion, it’s the kind of job that has the potential to launch her business to the next level, making her a premier designer to the rich and famous.

The problem is, she’s got a nagging feeling that a new kitchen and a bigger master bath are not the kinds of changes he really needs. He’s looking for a bigger renovation—one that will bring love and meaning to a life that’s in desperate need of repair.

Loving Benny:

Benedetta Russo’s had a run of bad luck in love, in her career, and now in her family life. It’s hard enough that she’s mired in a relationship with a man who doesn’t deserve her, but a recent discovery has her questioning all she thought she knew about her parents’ marriage.

When an incident with an endangered fish brings Benny into YouTube star Ike Fitzgerald’s life, he quickly begins to think of her as a friend—and then more than a friend. He’s sure that together, they’ll be able to tackle the challenges facing both of them—if only he can convince her that love doesn’t necessarily equal pain, disappointment, and disaster.

30 March
Linda Seed
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