The Saga of Erotika Jones 08 The Saga of Erotika Jones 08

The Saga of Erotika Jones 08

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A fashion model in a skimpy outfit going to meet an arch criminal with advanced weaponry.

What could go wrong?

Well, about everything. But maybe not.

Because I had only "borrowed" this body and her wardrobe to solve a mystery - and some crimes.

I'd been chasing this person through his various crimes for decades now. Not knowing his organization, just his trail of "collateral damage" where people died. Where thefts of exotic equipment and materials went unsolved, and often unknown.

Sometimes, between my sleuthing and my team's backup, we foiled their work.

Then they made the big mistake. They went after me.

Now we know where they are. And we have one chance to cut the head off this snake.

If he doesn't escape - or do us in first.


I heard Finn waiting at my breakfast nook, so I quickly finished dressing.

I could smell the aroma of coffee as I rounded the doorway. His shock of unruly red hair above a pleasant smile and a steaming coffee mug was always a pleasant site. That brother of mine was wearing Naval chambray and dungarees. Both elbows on the table, relaxed and patiently waiting.

"Good morning, Erotika Jones." His smile turned into a grin.

"Good morning, Finn. Today, we can retire that code name. I've always hated it."

"How's that, Erika? Not that you hated it, but that we don't have to use it?"

"Because between the recent experiences and Carol's healing touch, I've recovered all the memories I need."

Finn scooted the other chair out for me with his foot, and then turned around in the tiny nook to grab the small carafe from its warming burner behind him. He filled a second mug that was waiting for me, where it sat near a bear-shaped squeeze bottle of honey.

My brother knew me too well.

I eased down into the chair, my comfortable jeans and plaid shirt allowing me to experience the grain of that solid wood chair, with it's curves and support. My feet were in some thick wool socks, which kept my feet off the cool tile floor. Comfy. Nice.

"Will Carol or Will be joining us this morning?" I glanced to see what other chairs could be pulled in for them from the furniture assortment here..

"No, they are both busy building some improvements to your C. E. L. phone. Something you may need later."

"Ooh, new gizmo's. Just what a girl wants."

"Oh, she did send you some jewelry."

Finn handed me a green, polished-stone pendant with gold streaks, suspended on a braided, beaded choker.

"Well, I'll have to thank her when she comes by next."

"Of course, that's a communication device and tracker – but you're familiar with this."

"Yes, Finn, I remember. So all I have to do is think and she'll get everything."

Finn nodded. "After yesterday, she doesn't want to take any chances. Besides..."


"Today's the last day, so she won't be getting any data-swaps from her outside crew."

Of course, that reminded me of the problem Carol had been working ever since she volunteered to come and work with us personally....

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
14 June
Living Sensical Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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