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Nadine was walking away towards her room when Azhar came back having forgotten something and bumped against her. In the event he accidentally touched her small and firm breasts and took off his hands as if it was a forbidden thing to have happened.
“So what? Now I am untouchable for you?” she said pulling a strand of her long brown hair away from her pale face. Nadine stood just three inches shorter than the Sheikh himself. Her green eyes wearing intense black eye makeup focused on his. He looked up at her and held her one hand. “It’s not like that my dear; just that the new bride is too young so she needs a little more attention. She is still a minor and you know about her condition. She is still adjusting to the new environment and the way she has been abandoned by her family. She’s an aggrieved soul and needs love and care. You are an elder bride, Nadine! You have known me so much more than her. Why would you ever be untouchable?”
“So she deserves your undivided attention just because her father has sold her to you? Just because she was forced to marry you, she deserves more attention; that’s what you mean?” Nadine shook her head in despair. Sheikh shook his head in disbelief that how could a woman, who understood him so much not understand this simple fact.
Nadine looked up at him and this time her beautiful gleaming eyes were all welled up with tears. Azhar held his coat and briefcase in his right hand. Nadine held his left wrist in which he wore a branded watch and put it on her firm chest. He for a minute of silence looked at the beautiful woman whom he had met on a tour to Lebanon. Clad in green Islamic floor length gown and laden with all the precious ruby jewelries she was looking like his bride.
As she placed his hand over her chest he began feeling the labored breathing her 3rd bride was having. Her breasts rose and nipples stood up with his much awaited touch. Her small yet largely exposed chest was open and clear to his view. As she looked in his eyes and he felt the erection in her nipple, a prick ran down his b***r just as the prick in her heart. A tear just broke off her beautiful eyes. She shook her head in her sorrow; in the emptiness in her heart.
Azhar got slightly emotional and also aroused at the way she looked at him with her thirsty eyes. It dawned on him that he is not sexually satisfying his previous young bride since over two months now. Before the last wedding, he had been on a tour to Europe where he had taken an escort with him. The escort was very young and she was a virgin. Azhar was very lucky to have f****d many virgins till now. But the best part was that all his women desired for him to be in their bed. He had done the Mut’a to legally fuck her. For 17 days she was his slave wife.
Whether they were one time stand or a friend on regular fuck basis, he had in every way possible satisfied his women in bed. Why would he not? He was just 38. He was young and strong and very well built. He was luckily very healthy. He had met one more girl in Paris where he had f****d them both together in his hotel. They must have hardly been over 14. The girl in France said that she had just turned 13 the last month. But luckily they both were tall and had very attractive figures. The young tight growing bodies are really nice to devour.
A man takes the gift of virginity accepting it as a privilege and worries of venereal diseases leave the mind. This is the beauty of banging little girls. Excited by the rush of their puberty they are ready to fuck and they do not hesitate to do things which the men want. Their bodies are growing up and the feeling of small yummy breasts and cherries between their little thighs is energizing. The Sheikh could never get enough of young sluts. Buying their virginity had become his new found hobby and he was very proud of it.

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19 May
Dani SH
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