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Shira couldn't believe it. She'd just seen her cousin, Erin, walk off with a tall, dark and mysterious Sheikh. Now she was all alone at a ball where she didn't know anyone. Then Sheikh Khalil had strode confidently into her life and whisked her away for the evening. But just as the night was about to get even steamier Khalil was called back to his home, Jawhara, after a national emergency.

They hadn't seen each other since that night.

But when Shira gets sent to Jawhara on a business trip, she has no doubt that Khalil had orchestrated it. Shira had never met a man like Khalil before. He is so strong and handsome; everything seems to be in his control. When he touches her she is overwhelmed with attraction, especially when he looks at her with his deep brown eyes.

Khalil can't believe that the one woman who had finally won his heart is an American, and so unladylike as well. But when he is around her he feels an overwhelming attraction - and he knows she feels it too. Khalil wants her to stay in Jawhara forever. Shira is furious when she finds out his plan and yet she finds such a strong attraction to him. She will be forced to decide between Khalil and her home...

But the fairy tale soon ends when Erin is kidnapped from a refugee camp. Sheikh Kamal, Sheikh Khalil and Shira will all have to work together to get the future Sheikha of Jawhara safely returned.

The Jawhara Sheikhs Series
Book 1: The Sheikh's Pregnant Bride
Book 2: The Sheikh's Troublesome Bride
Book 3: The Sheikh's Stubborn Wife

20 May
Leslie North
Draft2Digital, LLC

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