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Kerry followed her lead down the space station’s darkened corridor. A small outpost on the far rim of Alpha sector, the tiny station was a tin can floating next to a field of pockmarked asteroids. It served only as a listening post for radio communications between ships and the sol system. The workers manning this place were dead. She and Marcus found what was left of them strewn across the control room when they arrived.

Small and cramped, the entire station was dark. The damn thing they were hunting had gotten into the wiring system and ripped it apart. They were working only by the lights affixed to the muzzles of their weapons. Kerry knew she needed to stay alert, but the humidity and extreme heat in the small space made her head fuzzy. The creature had also gotten into the temperature control system and mucked it up. This tiny station was an island in the near absolute zero of space. Tropical and sticky.

Sweat ran down Kerry's face and neck, pooling between her breasts and the armor plating she wore to protect herself from the creatures they hunted. She was sweating all over underneath her suit. If this lasted much longer she swore she’d just pull the damn thing off and walk around in her tank and underwear. She’d probably have an easier time maneuvering anyway.

Marcus took the next turn ahead after stopping to peer around the corner with a mirror. A handy little device and extremely low-tech, it helped them avoid walking into any number of traps. From her vantage point pressed up against him, as they moved along the hallways checking each and every sound, each and every corner, Kerry could see the reflection from her flashlight bouncing off of the armor covering Marcus’ firm ass and corded thighs. He had thighs like a rugby player, built from years of chasing down escaped creatures for their employers. His whole body was a well-toned machine. Each muscle and fiber worked repeatedly in the company gym with one goal in mind, monster hunting.

That was what they called it, this never-ending hunt through the Alpha sector for biological oddities, experiments gone wrong or even just dangerous xenos that threatened traffic in the area. Xenos were alien animals from other planets and moons. Most of them were okay, adapted perfectly to their own environment and dangerous only to their own prey. Some were sharp and strong and clever and in Kerry's opinion, utterly homicidal. Occasionally, these dangerous beasts snuck onto cargo ships when they landed or made their way into poorly guarded outposts to try out new human snacks. They had to be at the top of their game to keep up with these creatures. So they trained, and they hunted and they trained for more.

Kerry enjoyed watching Marcus train, enjoyed working out with him since they had been partnered together. He was entirely too focused on his job though. That strength, those muscles, and skin needed more than danger and death. They needed to be licked and stroked and scratched. Sometimes, she just wanted to pin him to the gym mat and grind lewdly against his crotch until she felt a response.

And those eyes. Turned up slightly at the outside corners with topaz blue irises, they were twice the diameter of a normal human iris, surrounded by a pale blue sclera instead of white. He wasn’t completely human. Kerry didn’t care; she could spend all day drowning in those eyes.

30 September
Chandler Dee
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