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Get all four books in the Storm Inside series! This box set includes The Storm Inside, Reflected in the Rain, When Lightning Strikes, and Never Let Go!


Happily ever after is just the beginning. The real love story is the fight to stay together...

The Storm Inside

Thunderstorms, baseball, and memories…

They make for a potent combo. At least they do for me, especially when they come in the shape of Jake Spencer. He's the one that got away, the man who taught me thunderstorms were an aphrodisiac and baseball was foreplay. My memories of him are my most treasured...and the ones that haunt me the most.

So when he returns to town sexy, successful, and with eyes only for me, I'm torn. Do I give in to my desire and risk losing him, and my heart, all over again? 

Oh, who am I kidding? I've always loved him and I probably always will. Get cozy and let me tell you the story of what happens when you give the love of your life a second chance. 

Reflected in the Rain

 Do. Not. Mess. With. My. Man.

It won’t end well. I promise. I’ve waited too long and fought too hard to get my happily ever after. We had a wedding to prepare, a honeymoon to enjoy, and a life to plan. No one would be stupid enough to get in our way.

Or so I thought.

Color me surprised when Jake’s ex wiggled her way back into our lives. She says it’s just business, but I’m not taking any chances. We put the past behind us when I accepted Jake’s proposal and I’m not afraid to shove it back where it belongs. I will do whatever it takes to protect my life with Jake, even if it means playing dirty.

When Lightning Strikes

Single working mother seeks one-night stand that won’t interfere with her busy life.

Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, right? And yet, I somehow I managed to get talked into it. Not that Greg was bad in bed. He was phenomenal, actually. And so much more than sex. He was sweet and fascinating... and I’d never see him again.

Or so I thought. Somehow this man I’d never met before kept reappearing in my life at all the right times…

Grumpy workaholic seeks meaningless sex because he’s too haunted by his past for anything more.

The one time I broke my rules and brought a woman home was the mistake that changed my life. Marie wanted a simple one-night stand. I wanted a bed and a few hours to properly indulge our chemistry. 

Everything was perfect until I realized exactly who she was and how very connected we actually were. Or how much that connection meant to me. 

Love seeks a second chance

Our chemistry was off the charts, but Greg’s heart had already been so completely broken and I had a kid to raise. There were bigger forces to worry about. I never expected my wild night out to be anything more than an indulgence, but now that I’ve had a taste of Greg, I’m not sure I can settle for anything less than all of him. 


Love isn’t easy. If there is one thing I’ve learned, that’s it. Love doesn’t last because it’s perfect or fate, it’s because two people decided to fight for it. They hold on tighter than anyone else when times get tough. And right now, times are really tough.


It’s a good thing I have a strong grip.


We’ve been sucked into a world filled with politics and appearances. It’s triggered silent demons that Jake thought he’d beaten long ago, and running from them isn’t an option this time. We’re in this together. We’ve already lost a decade, I’m not losing another minute. 

1 April
Spinning Compass Publishing
Alexis Sykes

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