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Billy Young was a boy of 15 when he joined the AIF in 1941. He was an orphan – hungry, broke, with nowhere to sleep – and the army offered him a feed, a blanket and five shillings a day in his pocket.

The trouble was, the army sent him off to Malaya where he became a POW when Singapore fell to the Japanese. From Changi, 'Billy the Kid' went on to spend the rest of his teenage years in some of the most barbaric Japanese prisons: the notorious labour camp at Sandakan (from which he escaped), and solitary confinement in the horrific Outram Road prison.

Billy survived by a combination of luck, larrikin humour and native cunning, learned as a market boy growing up in Sydney during the Depression. He has lasted into old age by virtue of his extraordinary spirit.

In this powerful account of one of the youngest-ever prisoners of war, award-winning author Anthony Hill takes us into the hearts and minds of the POWs, who refused to ever wholly submit to their captors.

25 July
Penguin Random House Australia
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Customer Reviews

jillbean11 ,

The Story of Billy Young

An incredible story of endurance, and courage by young Australians during WW2 makes you proud to be an Australian, to think that there were men who could endure an incredible amount of pain and suffering for their country man, Thank You to you all

Andrew Coffey ,

The Story of Billy Young

A powerful and deeply moving book that captured me fully. The will to survive, the luck of the draw that saved some men and sentenced others; man's inhumanity to man; the strength of the bond between the POWs that was to true, original definition of mateship - a notion since lost to many in present day Australia.

One of the more powerful books I gave read... Hats off to Billy and his comrades..

Amra77777 ,

The story of billy young

A must read... Will take you to places that shows what war really is!
Heart wrenching......

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