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Sometimes exes come in handy.

Devon Mattson’s week couldn’t get much worse. Not only is he fake engaged to the sexy woman who broke his heart a decade ago, but his goal of saving his hometown of Blueberry Springs has become dependent on the two of them playing nicely.

Olivia Carrington isn’t happy to have her ex back in her life. She’s spent ten long years regretting how they ended things and she’s worked hard to move on. She should be focusing on saving her family’s company, not on the handsome, helpful, fun-loving Devon who has just offered her a lifeline she can’t resist…

Tied together by mutual need, will they ruin each other’s chance of success, or will a fake engagement help them overcome their painful past and lead them back to love once again?

A second chance romance that will keep you reading through the night! Download your copy and start reading today.

25 May
Oram Productions
Oram Productions

Customer Reviews

MLCreads ,

The Surprise Wedding

I love Devon and Olivia's story. They were so in love when they first dated but life wasn't meant to be easy and circumstances caused them to part. They should have trusted and believed in each other, but they were young. They get a second chance when Devon reaches out to Olivia for help in saving his home town. What starts as a fake relationship quickly spirals into dangerous territory as old feelings come to the surface. Can they make it work? This story is filled with great characters and has lots of emotions. I look forward to reading more about the people of Blueberry Springs.

flirt for jen ,

The Surprise Wedding

A light hearted story, good reading,

Preferential ,

The Surprise Wedding

If it were possible, no Stars would have been awarded. I honestly do not like giving negative reviews as everyone enjoys different aspects of life. I had to give up on this book after struggling through 46%. The main characters are so buried in annoying self talk, some of it so derogatory, it leaves them undeveloped and stops the story from progressing. Honestly, the writing destroyed the characters and any chance of believing the story. I know it’s fiction, and I know characters can be obnoxious, but there’s no justifying using insulting phrases when language offers a rich diversity of interesting and subtle choices.

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