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The Sweet Poison Quit Plan is the long-awaited 'how to' supplement to the best-selling Sweet Poison. It features:

- an overview of why sugar is bad and why we get addicted
- a five-step plan to kicking the habit
- tailored advice for men and women
- a guide to sugar-free shopping (how to read the labels and what is safe/unsafe in each supermarket aisle)
- recipes for sugar-free treats (think ice-cream and cakes)
- advice on living sugar-free with kids.

Packed with reader anecdotes and lists to help you organise your sugar-free life, this book presents one of the most accessible and achievable strategies around for losing weight and avoiding some of the more pernicious lifestyle diseases that are increasingly associated with excessive sugar consumption. Gillespie is an informed and entertaining writer who makes his subject fascinating, and inspires with his passion and logic.

Body, Mind & Spirit
28 June
Penguin Random House Australia
Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Rufflepup ,

Fantastic book

What a fantastic scary read. In the time I've been reading this book I have started modifying my family's diet with an incredible success. We were already on a high protein low carb based diet, now we are heading for sugar free too! My 2 kids (6 & 3) have gone from having "healthy" breakfast cereal to porridge and their favourite frozen blueberries without even batting an eye. Ice cream every night has become an extra bedtime story without fuss. My husband and I are finding it a bit harder but not really struggling. My morning coffee has gone by the way - I used to have two real sugars and hate the artificial taste of sweeteners. If that's the only really hard change, it won't be too bad.

shed0esnteveng0here ,


After being told about Sweet Poison by David Gillespie and watching Sarah on 60 minutes, I thought "what do I have to lose" nothing but weight to lose and healthy habits to gain! Just started this 8 week program, definitely worth the money to buy this book!

Answers in genesis ,

Superb! Enlightening!

I was very reluctant and skeptical at the beginning to let go of sugar, and my beloved chocolate however after reading through all the well researched (and backed up with links to actual medical journals at the end!) information I'm well and truly converted! I have now been sugar free for about 3 weeks and I've only craved chocolate once after a bad day at work! I've also lost about 2.5 kgs (miracle for a PCOS diagnosed female)
Well worth a read! Much cheaper buying it in the app than paper based and you can take it with you everywhere...

Next step is to encourage my loved ones! Wish me luck!!

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