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At least one in three legal professionals suffers from depression.

A litigious culture, extreme hours and relentless pressure – both internal and external – can all take their toll. Young lawyer Jerome Doraisamy learnt the hard way how pushing yourself to the physical and emotional limit can wreak havoc on your mental health and wellbeing.

Over an 18-month period starting from late 2011, including one period of hospitalisation, he suffered from severe clinical depression. His first book, The Wellness Doctrines, addresses the crisis in the profession head-on, offering practical tools and guidance for young legal professionals via insightful case studies from academics, managing partners, senior solicitors, graduates and students.

Showcasing a “by lawyers, for lawyers” approach, this book provides the inspiration a young legal professional needs to take charge of his or her health and wellbeing.

Praise for The Wellness Doctrines

“It carries the very important ‘you are not alone’ message … there will always be someone who has travelled the same journey and understands your predicament completely.” – Justice Shane Marshall

“An insightful and practical guide addressing a vital issue for our time.” – The Hon. Keith Mason, AO QC

“A must-have tool for every law student and young lawyer.” – Australian Law Students’ Association

“Honest and empowering.” – Kathryn Crossley (Founder, Survive Law)


10% of proceeds from the sales of The Wellness Doctrines will be donated to the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation. The Foundation’s objective is to decrease work related psychological ill-health in the legal community and to promote workplace psychological health and safety. Legal organisations across Australia can become signatories to the Foundation’s Best Practice Guidelines, which assist members of the profession to understand the initiatives and methods of management that assist in the creation and maintenance of psychologically healthy and supportive workplaces. Go to www.tjmf.org.au to find out more about the work of the Foundation.

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1 October
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