The Wicked Wallflowers The Wicked Wallflowers

The Wicked Wallflowers

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Earl of Dryden

A dangerous lord and a desperate debutante…

The Earl of Dryden knows all about the debutante who refuses to speak a word to anyone but he never expected she'd be so lovely, nor did he anticipate that he'd catch her confiding her secrets to a marble statue. Even more surprising, he wants to help her. Which is a mistake. A man like him shouldn't go anywhere near a woman as lovely as Miss Chloe Finch. She's too alluring by half and his soul holds real darkness, the kind that would swallow such a lovely creature whole.

Too Wicked to Woo

He's dark and dangerous and so delicious, how can she resist…

Miss Penny Clearwater considers herself a sensible woman. After all, she's navigated her mother's death, her father's financial ruin, and her own fall from society with all the grace she could muster. So when her friend, Lady Chloe Dryden suggests they make a chronicle teaching young ladies of London all about the elusive rake, Penny refuses. It's a silly idea that could end in absolute disaster. Except, she's almost nothing left to lose. And when the perfect rake crosses her path, why not do a little research on Lord Preston? So he's handsome and dashing… she's only interested in the book, of course. Isn't she?

Lord Wesley Preston hasn't had much by the way of successes since he left the military. A failing earldom, a bad accountant, and a drinking habit have left him in tatters. He desperately needs a break. And when Miss Clearwater stumbles into his life, he discovers that she had just inherited a large piece of land perfect for farming, if only she had someone to help her do the work. Wes makes her a proposition he hopes she can't refuse. Accept his proposal of marriage, become a countess, and make both their lives better.

The problem? Penny takes one look at him and declares him the worst sort of rake. She's right of course. But how far will he go to prove to her that he can change?

Too Wicked to Want

A scarred marquess and a ruined bluestocking with everything to lose…

Lord Harding doesn't give a dung pile about the ton or society. His lands, his duty, and the people who depend on him are all that matter. But when Lady Annabelle begins following him about, he won't stand for it. He's knows she's attempting to trap him in marriage.

Lady Annabelle is determined to study the rakes of London. It's purely for research she wants to share what she's learned with the ladies of her station. The problem, she can't find any research subjects. That is until she meets Lord Harding, a reclusive marquess accused of ruining a young lady in her first season.

What she didn't count on was that dangerous and mysterious men are also exciting.

Too Wicked to Wed

A rakish lord and a lady with a vendetta….

Lord Pierce Marksman isn't certain why he finds Lady Caroline so tempting. Yes, she's blessed with waves of thick blonde hair, lush pink lips, the sort that make a man ache. But he's met beautiful women before. And of course, her curves are lush and sweet, the kind that could keep a man warm for days. But he's seen better. Hasn't he? The problem is he can't bloody remember. That's a damn shame because he needs to find a rich wife with a sterling reputation to bolster his family name after his brother destroyed their's. And that's not Lady Caroline…

The more their path's cross the harder it is to deny that he wants her. Maybe needs her. And when Caroline's in trouble he has a decision to make. Does Pierce save himself or her?

18 August
Tammy Andresen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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