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“Man is an animal, not domesticated but civilized… but as the years go on domestication becomes a bit closer to the truth. Why not re-claim a bit of the wild legacy of our forebears, leave the self-chosen zoo cages of perpetual four walls and not merely go for a walk in the woods, but truly engage with the environment? Grab a bit of that deep visceral “I am part of this!” If these words strike a chord, this book is a mighty fine guide to how to take that wild walk.” ~Mark Hatmaker,

Do you want to see more, do more, and have more fun outdoors? Do you want to be more prepared for potential danger when you're camping or out hiking on the trail? Whether you're a seasoned woodsman or an inexperienced greenhorn, this simple, straightforward, step-by-step workbook's 35 exercises will deepen your relationship with nature and get your heart and mind engaged like never before. As lean as a coyote and straight as an arrow, this little 120 page book is packed with action and meaning. Includes essential gear lists, the ABCs of first aid, woodland self-defense basics, how to decide when to stay put and when to self rescue, the survival formula, simple arts and crafts, tracking exercises, wild plant identification exercises, and much more. About the author: Robert Mitchell Jr is a Frontier Rough & Tumble Martial Arts instructor with over 30 years experience in martial arts and outdoor skills who has hiked high mountains from his native Virginia all the way to Japan's Mount Rokkō.

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15 February
Robert Mitchell, Jr
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