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His name was Luqmaan bin Baa`urah bin Naahoor bin Taarih, who was Aazar, the father of Hadhrat Ebrahim (A.S.). This lineage has been given by Muhammad Ibn Is`haaq.

It has been narrated that he was Luqmaan bin `Anqaa bin Seeroon, who was from the family of Aaila. This has been narrated by Suhaili

Wahab has reported, “He was the son of the sister of Hadhrat Ayoob (A.S.).”

Muqaatil says, “He was the son of the paternal aunt of Hadhrat Ayoob (A.S.) .”

It has been narrated that he was from the children of Aazar (father of Hadhrat Ebrahim –(A.S.)) and that he lived for a thousand years (some say he lived for three thousand five hundred years), and he reached the era of Hadhrat Dawood (A.S.). He acquired knowledge from him.

Ibn Katheer (rahmatullahi alaih) states, “He was a Qaadhi (judge) over the Bani Israeel, during the era of Hadhrat Daawood (A.S.).” 

Ibn Qutaibah said, “Luqmaan was an Abyssinian slave of a person of the Bani Israeel. His master later freed him and gave him wealth.” 

Ibn Abbaas (R.A.) said, “He (Luqmaan - (A.S.)) was an Abyssinian slave and he was a carpenter.”

Hadhrat Jaabir bin Abdillah (R.A.) stated, “He (Hadhrat Luqmaan - (A.S.)) was a short and flat-nosed Nubian.” 

Hadhrat Sa`eed bin Musayib stated, “Luqmaan was Sudanese. Allaah Ta`ala  bestowed him with wisdom and not Nubuwwat.” 

He also stated, “He was a tailor.”

“He was thick-lipped and had broad feet.”(5) 

“He was person of few words, always deep in thought, deep and far-sighted, who never ever slept during the day and no one ever saw him spitting. He never cleared his throat, and never made a mockery, joked or jested (i.e. he never spoke vain speech). He never laughed. He never spoke except words of wisdom.” 

Ibn Katheer states, “He was a pious man, who was constantly engaged in Ibaadat and his wisdom was great.” 

The author of Roohul Bayaan states, “He was a person of great insight and thought, with excellent trust (in Allaah Ta`ala).” 

“He loved Allaah Ta`ala and Allaah Ta`ala loved him. He was blessed with wisdom. That is proclaiming the Truth with the tongue, acquiring insight with the heart. When he spoke, he spoke wise words. When he contemplated, his thoughts were wise, and when he did anything, he executed it with wisdom.” 

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24 February
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