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Sometimes you don't know what you want until someone else has it.

Lily needs a break. A man break. She hadn't exactly meant to sleep with her friend, Pete, and she certainly hadn't expected him to confess his love - for another girl - the next morning. If men were going to behave like such pigs, well, she'd happily take some time out.

Besides, her TV career requires all her attention right now. Jack Winters - the gorgeous new talent - is definitely proving a distraction, but Lily is determined to maintain her professional distance, even when Jack starts seeing someone completely inappropriate. It's only when Lily accepts that good things don't always come to those who wait and takes a leap into the great unknown that life starts making sense . . .

From the bestselling author of The Younger Man and Amazing Face comes a funny, heartfelt novel about what happens when life, love, work and friendships collide.

Fiction & Literature
26 February
Penguin Random House Australia
Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Jeskika ,

Great Read

I was eager to read this book before watching the tv series and it was quite easy to do so! Great and easy read that made me laugh but also feel sad at times. Highly recommend!

Ninja saya ,

Waste of time

Honestly, this book had NO plot... Well it had a plot but it was so vague that it seemed like someone's very uninteresting diary. There was hardly any chemistry between the "main" characters, it was slow, Lily's character was not developed - she was mundane at best. Ugh this book just frustrated me. It took me almost a week to finish 700pages, whereas even some of the more boring books I've read I've finished in a day or two. Just a disappointment really.

Tropical Tea ,

Mindless, easy read.

Perfect reading for when you don't want to think about or engage in a book.

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