Their Ruthless Sadist

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By definition, a Sadist is one who receives sexual gratification  from causing pain and degradation to another. 

That’s me to a T. 

I only play with those who understand what it means, those who are willing to indulge my devious desires.

Any masochist who seeks me out knows that if they trespass, I will gladly shatter them and walk away, leaving them for someone else to put back together.

Yet the cowboy and the pretty boy have given themselves to me. They have agreed to play by my rules and there is only one: THERE ARE NO RULES.

I have warned them. I’m not looking for companionship or love. I don’t want to be their friend, their confidant, or their lover. I’m in it for pleasure only. In the form of pain.

I am ruthless.

I am a Sadist.

And I make no excuses for it.

4 September
Nicole Edwards Limited
SL Independent Publishing

Customer Reviews

an-jael ,


I didn’t know what to make of this at first, learning that Zeke was a hard man who just wanted to inflict pain; a perfect sadist and two men who loved each other but seemed to need something more, plus the fact that I’m not a great fan of stories told by the characters themselves. I have this vision of the characters sitting down and writing their stories and Zeke was a hard, tough man who I couldn’t see willing to do that. However, it didn’t take long before I was drawn in.
This story is all about emotion, how you feel about your friends, your lovers, your Doms and Subs and how and why you feel about yourself. What happened in the past to make you who you are.
This was an incredible journey for Zeke, Brax and Case and I loved every second of reading about it.

Jaxwright57 ,

Brilliant addition to a great series

Their Ruthless Sadist is book 5 in the Office Intrigue Series and for me this series is getting stronger and better with each book released but be warned this is not the guide of BDSM for beginners please take note because the title says it all...
We met the main characters Zeke, Case and Brax in Their Famous Dominant but that doesn’t mean this book can’t be read as a stand-alone because in this book we get to know the real men we get to see the layers that Zeke hides so well and we get to see him realise that you need love in your life and it doesn’t always mean heartache it can complete you and make you whole if you are with your soulmates but this isn’t just about Zeke this love story involves 3 men learning that loving yourself is as important as loving each other, it’s about trusting enough to open up with the secrets you have kept from the past and it’s about breaking down the barriers that are put up to protect yourself from being hurt again.
Who would have thought a book about a Sadist/masochist ménage relationship could be such a beautifully written love story well once again Nicole Edwards has shown us her books are not just steaming hot they are full of love, passion and characters we always fall in love with. A brilliant addition to a great series from a very talented author.

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

An Intense read

5 Star Review Their Ruthless Sadist (Office Intrigue #) by Nicole Edwards

The 5th instalment in the Office Intrigue series and wow, this was a book that could and on occasion did take me out of my comfort zone. Be prepared this is a MMM story and as the title states “Sadist” this is not a light and breezy look at BDSM. This is a whole lot more; you have been warned.

Zeke, where do I start? From the first moment he was mentioned in this series I just knew that the story he had to tell would be intense and amazing and as the title states he is a sadist through and through. I fell for Zeke in Their Famous Dominant and I just love the relationship he has with his dog Tank as well.

I was also intrigued by Case and Brax from the start, their relationship and the baggage that they bring to it. I don’t think even they knew what was truly missing in their relationship until Zeke.
When Zeke is added to the mix the story Nicole Edwards weaved became so much more and the intensity is elevated . I was totally hooked from the begging to the end.

I am not going into detail with this review because I believe you will get more enjoyment if you go in “blind”. Their Ruthless Sadist is a smoking hot, hardcore book full of emotions that will leave you wanting more.

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