Then There Was Her

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Social media and business entrepreneur Sophie Cachia reveals never-before-shared details of her marriage breakdown, and how delving into her feminine intuition and falling in love with a woman turned her whole world upside down. 
I was running late, again. The sweat from under my milk-filled udders ran down my stomach and onto the post-natal recovery shorts I’d squeezed on under my leather skirt. Only eight weeks earlier, I’d birthed my second baby, and this was one of my first work appearances. 
I raced into the hotel, took the lift to the wrong floor, fumbled my bag and finally landed at the entrance. I went around the circle of unfamiliar faces, smiling, shaking hands, introducing myself… 

Then there was her. 
As our hands touched, time froze. My whole world changed forever… 
Sophie Cachia had her white picket fence life. By the age of 25, she was a mother and happily married, and had also built a very successful business by documenting her every move online.
But Sophie and her comfortable existence were thrown a curveball when she met a woman who prompted her to ask herself the questions: What more can I do? What more can I learn? What more can I be?
In Then There Was Her, Sophie describes how challenging the set social narrative for a young woman led her down a path of awareness, empowerment and acceptance as she navigated identity, sensuality and the true meaning of authenticity as a mother and a woman.
A deeply honest and inspirational memoir of a strong female who made peace with her decisions all in the unrelenting glare of the public eye, Then There Was Her encourages readers to stop fearing the unknown in life and to instead be excited about what may just come your way.  

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4 May
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Customer Reviews

102r3n ,

Overpromised and underdelivered

I found the premise of this book refreshing – a woman sharing her story with such abundant and raw honesty. However, I feel like it was a rushed and jumbled mish-mash of thoughts: poorly edited and constructed, often completely contradictory in the same paragraph, going back and forth between parts of the story, revisiting the same topic over and over, and no consistency in sentence or paragraph structure.

Max Shaw ,

Waste of time and $

Have you ever sat around listening to whining teenage girls. Well this is reading about it. Telling us how she hates privileged kids. But brags about her privilege of going to the top of the list with the best Dr for her knee surgery because of who Daddy is. Hmmmmm

cosi1204 ,


If you can get past this book being terribly written, boring and contradictory it is a a fascinating example of narcissist personality disorder

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