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Now includes new material, MAXTREME UPDATED EPILOGUE.

It is time to bring to the world’s attention the modern Australian bogan. The word is still associated with flannelette, VB, utes and mullets. This is WRONG. The word bogan needs to be reassessed.

Meet the nouveau-bogue. The modern bogan. Today’s bogan defies income, class, race, creed, gender, religion and logic. For better or worse, Australia is contending with a different beast from the Paul Hogan bogan. This is a bogan with money. A bogan with aspirations. A bogan with Ed Hardy t-shirts.

The new bogan will not rest until it owns a plasma TV so large that Two and a Half Men gets rounded up to three. Things Bogans Like is a landmark sociological publication and, far more importantly, essential reading for anyone who has ever bought a Buddhist-themed water feature, a four-litre energy drink or watched Today Tonight. This book is judge and jury of what it is to be a bogan in the twenty-first century. Brace your ego for some tough love.

'Most comics are worried about looking like snobs and so this rich vein has been largely untapped. These blokes dive in fearlessly and the result is the funniest thing in Australia right now.' Tony Martin

1 July
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Customer Reviews

Tsigga ,

Maxtreme funniness

I couldn't put it away, sensing a bit of Bogan in all of us.

Dr KL ,

Things Bogans Like

In the bogan dialect this book is "maxtremely awesome"
Living as I do in an Australian Bogan hotspot it has provided me with many hours of mirth and some great insight into the mind of the aussie nouveau bogue. Warning: This book is funny....do not read on public transport. Laughing out loud in public to yourself is rarely seen these days in the non demented or deranged population. Bogans will not like it at all.