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Write, so they will read it. Sailing the Seven C’s of Effective Business Writing

Effective writing communicates your message in a way that makes it easier for the reader to relate and react positively to what they (reader) understand. Effective writing is helped or enhanced by ‘charting-a-course’ to convey your message with impact. Learn to apply simple tips and techniques from the author of over 25 business, leadership, sales and career publications.

An effective memo, email, or sales letter is one that gets results. Business correspondence can enhance or alienate relationships. Well written brochures, sales literature, or websites entice people to act and explore opportunities to deal with you and your firm.

In life and especially in business we have numerous opportunities and some responsibilities to effectively share our ideas. As leaders in business or the community, our success, and perhaps our survival, is directly dependant on our ability to do so, quickly and productively.
Some of what is covered in this use-it-now manual on effective business writing:

How to get better results from your business writing.
How to construct a well written memo or email.
Communication basics – foundation for your success.
Communication is really a part of the ‘sales’ process in any successful business.
Publish or Die? The product problem.
A creative approach to writing – how to use a cartoonist’s concept to more effectively communicate.
How to become a ‘Corporate’ Story Teller.
How to turn a winning proposal into a loser.
How to get the most from negotiating via e-mail.
How to write and ‘Effective’ press release.
Notes on International English. How to write for a world market.
Office Buzzwords and Phrases generated for the 21st Century to avoid.
To TEXT or not to TEXT. How to TEXT properly.
Writing Quick Tips – How to focus on copy writing.

A note from the author: Each time I sit down to write, I am challenged to ensure I deliver something that will be of use-it-now value to my reader.

•I ask myself, “If I was reading this, what would I be looking for?”
•As well as, “Why is this relevant to me, today?”

These two questions help to keep me focused, help me to remain clear on my objectives; and they help to remind me to dig into my experiences, stories, examples, and research to provide solid information that will be of benefit and help my readers, when they apply it, succeed. That can be an exciting challenge!

18 August
Bob Hooey
Smashwords, Inc.

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