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Once upon a time there were three little pigs.  One pig build his home out of straw, one pig build his home out of sticks, and one pig build his home out of brick.  The first two pigs just wanted to party and dance and sing all day so they build their homes quickly. A big bad wolf was watching the pigs build their homes. He was hungry for bacon. He blew the straw and stick home down and nearly got the pigs who lived in those homes.  They both ran to the pig who's home was built of brick.  

The big bad wolf then came to the third little pigs home and tried to blow the house in. Nope. It didn’t work. The brick was too strong. The wolf, however, didn’t give up there. He saw another way in. He scaled the home until he was on the roof. One of the three little pigs saw the wolf climb the home to the roof. The wolf saw a hole in the chimney and started to climb down. Fortunately, one of the three little pigs started a big fire in the fireplace. A big pot of water was placed on the fire to boil.

The big bad wolf fell down the chimney and landed right into the boiling pot of water. No more wolf! The other two pigs who build their homes quickly, out of straw and sticks, repented. They felt bad that they build their home so quickly, so they build new homes out of brick as well. Good ol sturdy brick. The three little pigs lived happily every after in their new brick homes.

Young Adults
16 July
Riley Weber
Riley Steven Weber

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