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She’s a hotel heiress. He’s a rags-to-riches back to rags again street merchant. When their opposite worlds collide, not even dusting off a magic genie lamp can grant enough wishes to make them the same ever again…

Spunky hotel heiress Zoey Lefleur Hollingsworth yearns for independence, so she works undercover at one of her family-owned hotels. Only she’s been put on blast. She’s got four weeks to come up with Plan B or succumb to the pressure of an arranged marriage to a man she’s never met, but her family champions. Who does that in this day and age?! There’s got to be a way out of this sticky mess in order for her to achieve her own dreams. Cue in the fake boyfriend…

The devoted son of a late, disgraced jeweler, resourceful and charming Levi Hudson Malek longs to restore the tarnished reputation of his family’s good name with his own designs. Too bad he’s been ostracized from the industry and betrayed by his ex. Trust? Yeah, that went out the window fast. He can only depend on himself while he finds a way to pay for the expensive care for his ill mother and charge ahead with his work. But along comes opportunity to flip the script of his life in the most unexpected way…

One incredible, perfect chance kiss in a hotel refrigeration unit—of all places—leads to more than Zoey and Levi bargained for. When they meet again applying at King’s Department Store, Zoey’s not about to let irresistible Levi and, maybe the answers to her prayers, slip away. His lukewarm reaction to her fake date request can’t dismiss the sparks firing between them. Now, she’s running out of time and options. So is he. Teaming up may be the worst idea ever for their growing attraction, especially when she’s hiding who she really is and fulfilling the magic of long-held wishes are put to the ultimate test. 

If you like funny, heartwarming, wholesome romances, then you’ll love Laurie LeClair’s romantic comedy, fairy tale retelling of Aladdin in the latest installment of her best selling Once Upon A Romance Series. Discover Three Wishes and unlock the hidden magic today!

21 May
Laurie LeClair
Laurie LeClair

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