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A set of study outlines designed to lay a Biblical foundation beginning with the Old Testament, and moving right into the life and teaching of Jesus, the Messiah, His sacrifice, and the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church.

The pattern we follow in this set of outlines is to treat the Old Testament as being the foundation to the New Testament, and the four Gospels, the sayings of Jesus, as foundation to everything else, just as Jesus said it was. Thus the first five modules cover the Old Testament, and the following five, the life and teachings of Messiah Jesus. This should be useful even to those who have walked with the Lord for many years, as study of the Old Testament, particularly the Torah, is an area that has been generally neglected.

The course of study endeavours to give the participant an understanding of things of the faith in the way the early believers in the time of Jesus and the apostles would have understood them -- first by painting the picture of what the early Jews of Jesus' time expected and understood, and then expanding on that understanding the way Jesus did. In other words, we are seeking to understand the Kingdom of God as it was originally presented. In doing so, we should pick up on things many in the Church have neglected over the centuries since then.

Robby Charters has lived most of his life in Thailand where he was born of an Irish father and an American mother, both missionaries with WEC. His wife is Thai, and they have one son who is into computer games. His wife has also spent many years in missions with YWAM. At present they live in Northern Ireland, where Robby designs eBooks.

Robby's earlier work in church planting got him interested in the Apostle Paul, which motivated his first serious attempt to write a novel, The Emissary. That led to a lot of research, intensive study of Jewish literature, as well as some involvement in the local synagogue. Though The Emissary never got published, the extra knowledge gained has been valuable in other areas, such as in this present study series.

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3 April
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