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How far would you go, for the ones you love?

From award-winning writer Fiona Capp comes a novel about blackmail, risk, corruption and consequences - think Ian McEwan meets Peter Temple - set in the millionaire's playground of Portsea. This is modern Melbourne literary noir at its finest.

Having lost all his family's money in ill-advised investments during the GFC, Ned is reduced to squatting in a boatshed in wealthy Portsea. He is avoiding the world, particularly his sister, Angela, who after an accident, is now a paraplegic, confined to a wheelchair, and completely dependent on both her carer, Mai, and Ned - not to mention the income from their family investments. But one day, Ned overhears a conversation between a millionaire property developer and a politician, and realizes that this might be his opportunity to restore their fortunes ... if he has the nerve.

A nail-biting and compelling story of risk, blackmail and the corrosive nature of guilt - and how we all have to live with the consequences of our actions.

'Utterly compelling' The Australian

'This is crime fiction for grown-ups: taut, stylish and deftly executed – and exciting on every page, as all good novels should be' John Banville

'An open, beautifully paced novel, so full of thought-provoking insights into the human condition and nuanced characters ... a joy to read' Adelaide Advertiser

'A beautiful, masterful novel' Australian Financial Review

'Part noir thriller (think Raymond Chandler postglobal financial crisis) and part tragic family story ... the heart of the story lies in its complex treatment of moral choice and moral hazard, and it's the tale of risk, blackmail and guilt that carries it. Each character in this carefully crafted work has been so well fleshed out that our interest in and sympathy for their fates is fully engaged. It's a thoroughly rewarding novel, which asks tough questions about choice and consequence.' Bookseller + Publisher

Praise for Fiona Capp's Gotland:

'A subtle grace' Sydney Morning Herald

'A mature, intelligent, perceptive book' Caroline Baum

'Although Gotland is a physically small novel, it is enormous in its scope and complexity' Meredith Jaffe, The Hoopla

'Stately, thoughtful, slow-burner of a novel' Geordie Williamson, The Australian

Fiction & Literature
1 March
4th Estate
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

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