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How exactly has one good deed landed me in the penalty box?

Ice Knights defenseman Zach Blackburn has come down with the flu, and my BFF—his PR manager—begs me to put my nursing degree to use and get him back to health. Of course she would call in a favor for the most hated man in Harbor City.

But when he’s finally on the mend and I’m sneaking out of his place, everything goes sideways. Paparazzi spot me and pictures, plus accusations that I slept with him, fly faster than a hockey puck.

At first, all of Harbor City wants my blood—or to give me a girlie-girl makeover. But then…the team finally wins a game. And now this fickle town wants me with the big jerk twenty-four seven.

Argh. I never slept with him the first time! But no one will listen. Then the grumpy bastard goes and promises to break his no-fan-appearances rule to help raise money for a free health clinic—but only if I’m rink-side at every game. That’s not a deal I can turn down.

But when the team keeps winning, and I realize there’s more to him than his bad reputation, suddenly remembering to keep my real hands off my fake date gets harder and harder to do.

Each book in the Hartigans series is STANDALONE:
* Butterface
* Muffin Top
* Tomboy

18 February
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jaxwright57 ,

Book with all the feels

Tomboy may be book 3 in The Hartigans Series but it can certainly be read as a stand-alone and I would certainly recommend this book to all Hockey lovers as well as rom com lovers.
Zack Blackburn could well be the most hated defenseman in Harbor City nothing has gone right since he joined the local Hockey Team the Ice Knights but up until now that hasn’t bothered him because he doesn’t need to be liked he doesn’t need friends that way he doesn’t have to explain his past and the secrets he is keeping. Getting sick with flu has his PR manager begging her best friend Fallon a nurse to call in and make sure he gets well.
Fallon Hartigan an ER nurse and diehard Ice Knights fan really doesn’t want anything to do with the man who can’t seem to get it right for the team but the her kindhearted nature takes over and she drops in on him over the weekend to make sure he is ok .
Strange things happen after that weekend, Zack takes to the ice and he plays the best he has played in a long time could Fallon be his good luck charm, even the team coach asks him to make sure Fallon or Lady Luck comes to all the home games now he just has to convince her she wants to help..
I loved this book I loved being on Fallon and Zacks journey as he learnt to trust again and she learnt that you can’t fix someone if they don’t want to be fixed. This book has all the feels you want and need in a great read, I laughed, I swooned and hoped and prayed for a HEA for this adorable couple and Zack is adorable even if you don’t like him in the beginning you will love him by the end. Once again this very talented author shows us that family and friends are important and I love the loyalty the Hartigan family share.

Marina Skinner ,

What a ride!!

What a ride this book had me on! Tomboy had me hooked from start to finish!
Fallon was such a force to be reckoned with especially being a Hartigan! Her caring nature and ability to tell it like it is made me really admire her! She had fire in her!
I wasn’t sure what to make of Zach at first but he really grew on me as I kept reading and I grew to rather like the man!
I especially loved Fallons family and Zach’s hockey teammates!
When the going gets tough your true family rally around!!
I loved the storyline, advice given and the whole friendship that seemed to blossom!!
A really great entertaining but also heartwarming read! A perfect addition to the series!

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