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Cliff Hardy may be semi-retired but he's as resolute as ever in fighting for justice and tracking down wrongdoers. Hardy has never been much of a family man, so when he meets his second cousin Patrick Malloy it's like being hit with a left hook to the solar plexus - Malloy is his double. Cliff and his cousin become friends and travel to attend a gathering of the Irish Travellers - the gypsy-like folk from whom they are descended. On their return, a shotgun blast shatters their camaraderie. But who was the bullet aimed at, Malloy or Hardy? And why is Malloy's ex-wife, Sheila, now making her presence known to Hardy? Hardy has his enemies and Malloy's to consider as he searches for a killer. Clues point in many directions - to Sheila's motives, to Malloy's suspect business dealings, to old scores being settled. The search takes Hardy north to a paramilitary training camp and to a meeting of Traveller descendants in Kangaroo Valley; everyone seems to have an interest and the playing style is ruthless. Hardy is de-licensed and out of work . . . but this investigation is personal.

Crime & Thrillers
1 December
Allen & Unwin
Allen & Unwin Pty Limited

Customer Reviews

DuneLeo ,

Torn Apart

Love it. Fast paced, had to finish reading once I started. Want more.

honkitonksy ,

Excelent entertaining read!

Loved it, easy and entertaining, kept me interested and wanting to read more. Liked the characters, you want to hear more about those too.

mellrouvray ,

seems a bit silly..

what a ridiculous book of the week - number 35 in a series?!

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