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Treason is a page-turning story of human drama, heroism and sacrifice. It is an intimate and compelling account of individual moral character and physical courage set against tumultuous events. It brings history alive.

Treason is the extraordinary true story of exceptional men and women who risked everything in their attempts to rid the world of the Nazi regime and end the Second World War. It is one of the twentieth century’s great narratives.

Treason presents a detailed, historically accurate, and intimate portrait of the extensive resistance within Germany to the Nazis.

From late 1943, the struggle against Hitler and the Nazis was led by Claus von Stauffenberg a brilliant staff officer in the German Army.

On 20 July 1944 Stauffenberg placed a briefcase bomb in Hitler’s briefing hut at the Wolf’s Lair, flew back to Berlin, and then directed an insurrection against the Nazi regime. The plotters wrested control of Paris and Vienna, and briefly, Berlin.

When it became clear that Hitler had survived the conspiracy unravelled.

At the time of his attempt, Claus von Stauffenberg was just 36 years old. He was married with four children. His wife was pregnant with their fifth. Claus also had a glittering career ahead of him, yet he was prepared to risk everything to restore moral integrity to his country.

Two books in one, Treason is both a gripping story and the world’s first dynamically interactive history book.

Treason includes more than 500 images, 300 linked personal and organisational profiles, and a dozen animated maps and diagrams, along with 29 video clips, all tied together with a compelling page-turning narrative.

Treason takes the reader to the heart of dramatic events, with an immediacy never before achieved.

Treason – Claus von Stauffenberg and the Plot to Kill Hitler was created for you to experience on your iPad, and is only available through the iBooks Store.

24 June
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Customer Reviews

sarahcurro ,

Treason riveting!

This book told of people and events I only ever vaguely wondered about - the people in the background chipping away at the necessary removal of Hitler. It turns out they were somehow the stars of the horror show. I couldn’t put my iPad down. Absolutely harrowing and informative in equal measure. These men should never be forgotten.

Aussiebookman ,

Inspiring military history

Brilliantly researched, engagingly written, deeply informative and superbly presented, "Treason" illuminates the heroism and honourable character of many German officers caught up in Hitler's heinous hierarchy.

Von Stauffenberg is the exemplar, and his history is thoroughly deserving of Walters' detailed attention... and ours.

Beyond the gripping story, this interactive book contains many surprising treasures including crisp archival movie footage of key events. A landmark publication!

Len Woodley

Mward10 ,

A powerful experience

I found "reading" Treason an extremely powerful experience. The iBook technology is beautifully exploited here. The combination of text, video, still photos, sound recordings and interactive maps lifts the telling of this history to a new level.

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