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Buried treasure marked with an "X".


One-legged pirates.

Treasure Island gave birth to almost all of the images that flash to mind at the sound of the word "pirates." It is the archetype of its genre, and one of the most celebrated adventure novels ever written.

Jim Hawkins, the son of an innkeeper, unwittingly finds himself caught between feuding pirates when a man named Billy Bones wanders into his inn. After narrowly escaping a raid by Bones' old crewmates, Jim finds himself in possession of a map and a logbook detailing the location of all the treasure taken by the pirates' departed Captain Flint. Jim reports his discovery, and before long is aboard the schooner Hispaniola with a crew bound for the Caribbean. While aboard the ship, Jim befriends the cook: a gruff, one-legged tavern owner by the name of Long John Silver, who may be much more than he appears.

This e-book features 14 illustrations by artist N.C. Wyeth.

Fiction & Literature
22 August
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Customer Reviews

Neville Dipell ,

Treasure Island

A good book, perhaps I should have read it at school, but I didn't.

Andriana B ,

Great book

Loads of fun

Reddy Freddie ,

A true classic

Treasure island is indeed a treasure for young and old alike. It is quite fascinating to read a novel written in the 19th century. The language used by the author brings the period to life and makes you ponder on how languages evolve. The vocabulary does require some interpretation, which would make it difficult for younger readers, say under 10.
The pace is constantly moving, as the reader is transported back to the times of treachery and piracy. This is the well famed original buccaneer story. Not endowed with magical ocean beasts like a recent series of movies, it depends on the rivalries between honest hard working men against a mob of double crossing low lifes. A great read!

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