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Have you ever wondered about what's beyond that which you can easily see? There is a hidden world behind the furniture, beneath the floorboards, between the walls - a world in which all creatures, especially small ones, can become great. In this world, Trinket is an unlikely hero. She doesn't fit the typical hero model - she's petite, a little too pretty, and quite precocious. Trinkett's explorations of the bric-a-brac left behind by others always leads her to finding something useful for her father's thrift shop. On Trinkett's latest mission she discovers something amazing; something she thinks is special. Little does she realize how truly special it is. Not only does she discover a lost treasure, she finds herself, her courage, and her ability to put others' needs first.

Have you ever found something like that?

About the Author

Stephanie Sommerlad Bello is employed full-time doing "real world" stuff, and in all she does, she considers herself a storyteller. Stephanie tinkers with all sorts of media, telling stories any way she can - usually with words, but also with paint, paper, objects, and food. You can almost always find her with a book, and a bag of pretzels or a cup of tea in her hand. She currently resides in New Jersey with her BFF husband and their two invisible dogs.

Laura is a mother, wife and artist living in the Hudson Valley. She enjoys being with her boys on the banks of the Delaware River, one of her favorite places, and the quote “I am haunted by waters” from A River Runs Through It stirs her soul. Laura's Etsy shop features mainly whimsical children’s illustrations, but she also paints in oils, crafts, sews, and collects vintage items and furniture.

25 April
Plum Street Press
Gatekeeper Press